Which Classic Chevy Is Right for You?

Even if you can not afford the price tag of a classic Chevy, it is fun to dream about which classic Chevy is right for you. If you are fortunate enough to own any one of these classic beauties, see what you know about the various models.


The Chevy Corvette was a true racer's car, which makes it ideal for collectors with a passion for racing, even if it's just from the armchair. Even multiple champion and NASCAR veteran race car driver Jeff Gordon has been a passionate owner of numerous Corvettes. The fastest classic Corvette is probably the 1968 L88, built specifically for racing, with a top speed around 170 mph.


Since Chevy Camaros were the quintessential road racing cars, despite lacking power to comparable cars, they still may appeal to anyone with the urge to race. As muscle cars go, they are also some of the more stylish ones. They handled surprisingly well and were second in popularity only to the even racier Corvettes.

Camaros appeal to car lovers who want a little more style over muscle but don't want to forgo performance altogether. Among car enthusiasts, the 1969 Z28 especially stands out.


The 1968 SS 396 was one of the most popular muscle cars of that time. Buyers were drawn to its affordability and reliability. Those characteristics made it a muscle car with broad appeal for just about everyone. One of the most popular models was the 1968 396-cid V-8, which featured shapely styling, a heavy duty suspension and revamped interiors.


The straightforward, conventional and honest design of the Chevy Nova appeals to buyers with those attributes. Sometimes overshadowed by the flashier classic Chevy models, the Nova still has a desirable appeal to car enthusiasts who know how to look beyond the surface.


Classic Impalas have a broad appeal and were one of the most popular rides between 1958 and 1967. They had heavier bodies to set them apart from the competition. Classic Impalas are relatively easy to find with more moderate price tags when compared to other classics.

The Impala is also the stock car model of the 2012 NASCAR season for the teams of Stewart Haas Racing (SHR), Hendrick Motorsports (HMS), Earnhardt Ganassi Racing and Richard Childress Racing.

All in all, as any Chevy lover, you are in good company. You are likely to find classic Chevys in the garages of some of NASCAR Chevy team drivers. Ryan Newman from SHR, for example, is known for restoring them, and Jeff Gordon from HMS appeared in a Corvette in a Pepsi commercial.

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