Inflatable Fishing Boats Pros and Cons

Many fishermen prefer inflatable fishing boats. Though they haven't always had a good name, the inflatable types have made leaps and bounds in recent years, placing them near the top of the list of desirable fishing boats. If you're looking to purchase a fishing boat, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of going inflatable.

One of the top reasons that people prefer inflatable fishing boats is their cost. Inflatable fishing boats are fairly inexpensive. Be careful that you don't buy one that's too cheap though; a poorly made inflatable fishing boat can puncture easily and anything beyond a minor repair may mean purchasing a new boat.

Also unlike their predecessors, newer inflatable fishing boats have a respectable load capacity; some can even hold over 1,200 pounds.

Inflatable fishing boats are, of course, inflatable and if you choose a newer model it can take under 15 minutes to get the boat ready to float. Their small compressed size makes them easy to travel with, especially for those without towing capabilities or a lot of vehicle room.

One of the bigger downsides to inflatable fishing boats is their maneuverability. Rowing is generally only good when you're not planning on traveling long distances. If you'll be fishing in rough water or plan on going far from your departure point, you'd have to put a motor on your inflatable fishing boat. Though this can be done, it does add to the overall cost of the boat.

There are a few different types of inflatable fishing boats you can buy. Inflatable rafts and kayaks are among some of the more popular choices.

Another advantage of an inflatable fishing boat is their versatility. They can be used for more than just fishing; toss one onto a lake and laze about in it for the day. Weighing at just around 40 pounds, its ability to be easily transported makes it simple to bring along on vacation.

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