Wakeboard Boats Buying Guide

All serious wakeboarders should know what to look for in wakeboard boats. The most epic wakeboard boats are built for speed, agility and power and can make a huge difference between a good and bad wakeboarding experience.

Before going to check out wakeboard boats, you should decide what your price range is. Although a brand new boat can be yours with low monthly payments, you will still have other expenses. The costs for gas, insurance and gear can add up, so be sure to include that when picking a maximum price.


Your best bet for boat shopping is to go to a boat show. Boat dealers from the area will present their boats to potential buyers and offer some great incentives for purchasing it from them. Boat shows are also helpful because it allows you to physically compare the boats side-by-side.

If there are no boat shows in your area, you can still travel to various dealerships and see the boats there. It's important to educate yourself on the various aspects of the boat and which is best for what you're going to use the boat for. For example, if your whole family wakeboards, you'll want a boat big enough to fit everyone comfortably. You will probably also buy a different boat if you're a beginner than one you'd buy as a seasoned wakeboarder.

Types of Wakeboard Boats

There are four types of wakeboard boats that you will encounter while shopping. First is the jet boat, which is more commonly used for waterskiing and tubing. Though the jet boat manufacturers are trying to target the wakeboarders, the wake that their boats create is not ideal for wakeboarding.

The next kind of boat is the outboard boat. These shallow boats are mostly used for fishing and they are fast and easy to steer. However, the wake they create also leaves much to be desired.

The inboard/outboard, or I/O, boats are the most popular kind of wakeboard boat. They earn their name from the inboard (in the back of the boat) engine and outboard propulsion system. I/O boats are great boats for beginning wakeboarders because they create a small-sized wake. However, experienced wakeboarders will need higher waves that the I/O boats can't deliver.

Though the other boats have their strong points, the inboard boat is probably the best for wakeboarding. The new line of inboard boats have the engine inside of the boat, as well as deeper hulls than the older models'. The deep hull allows for a relatively high wake to be made, but keeps the ride smooth.

Buying a boat is not an easy process or a quick decision, so take your time and consider all options. 

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