Do Fuel Savers Work

Do fuel savers work? As gas prices rise, desperate  people are trying to find a magical cure to low gas mileage. You can find fuel savers everywhere, including auto parts stores and the internet. Here's a rundown of whether fuel savers really work.

There are a variety of fuel savers out there. One type is fuel-line magnets. Fuel-line magnets supposedly work by moving gas past the magnet, allowing the magnet to break apart gas clumps and letting the gas burn. The truth of the matter is that gas isn't made of magnetic material, and magnets as fuel savers are pretty inefficient.

The TornadoFuelSaver is a vortex generator that supposedly allows more air into the fuel, increasing gas mileage. The TornadoFuelSaver claims to be able to save you up to $60 a month on gas, but Consumer Reports found that there was no difference between cars that operated with and without the tornado fuel saver.

Another fuel saver that some people try is the Electronic Engine Ionizer Fuel Saver. This fuel saver is not only ineffective, it can be detrimental and even dangerous to your car.

The bottom line is that fuel savers don't seem to work. There are a lot of variations on fuel savers, but none has been found to actually increase gas mileage from one tank. The best thing to do is to stick with tips known to extend the mileage you get from a tank, like driving at a moderate speed instead of speeding and accelerating slowly rather than quickly. And unless your car's owner manual specifically states otherwise, just stick with regular gas. Anything else is a waste of your money. Of course, the only reliable way to dramatically reduce your gas mileage is to buy a more efficient car.

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