Gas Saving Tips for SUVs

These gas saving tips for SUVs can help ease the pain of filling up. When gas prices sky rocketed, the SUV market plummeted nearly as much. For those who decided to weather the storm or could not bear the thought of parting with your SUV, fear not.

The first tip will keep all costs down, not just the cost of fuel. It is important to keep up with your SUV's regular maintenance. Changing your oil, making sure the fluids are full and cleaning the air filter go a long way toward increasing your SUV's fuel efficiency. Also, make sure your tires are properly inflated and aligned.

Driving habits are at the heart of tip two. Too many people speed up to stay on top of the driver ahead of them, to beat the light or to keep the driver in the other lane from getting in front of them. Keeping a constant speed will increase your MPG as you will not need to accelerate or brake as often, both of which are notorious gas eating activities. Cruise control is a great tool that should be used as often as possible on the highway. It is difficult as a driver to maintain a constant speed over long periods of time as one experiences on the highway. The cruise control takes that out of play by keeping the vehicle at a constant speed.

While the next tip may be totally against everything you know as a SUV owner, hauling and towing heavy loads is not recommended if you're trying to cut costs at the pump. Towing and hauling heavy loads burns more fuel as it takes more power for the SUV to get going.

Contrary to popular belief, turning the car off and on does not use as much fuel as leaving a car idling. To maximize the amount of fuel in your SUV it would be best, but probably impractical, to turn off your engine any time you have to stop for an extended time like at a rail road crossing or long stop light. Even something as simple as running into your favorite fast food restaurant rather than going through the drive thru will add miles to your fuel economy.

You can also try planning errands so that you're not frequently starting a cold engine. The colder an engine is, the more energy it requires (and therefore, gas). Rather than set out on individual trips to get your tasks accomplished, bunch them together so your engine stays warm and doesn't use as much fuel.

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