How To Figure Gas Mileage

Knowing how to figure gas mileage will assist you with understanding how much gas your car is using. If your car is using more gas than the manufacturer standard, you can take many steps to improve your fuel efficiency. Auto maintenance can go a long way to helping you use less fuel, which can save you money over time.

Keep Track Of Your Driving
The first step in tracking how much fuel your vehicle is using to go a certain amount of distance is keeping track of the distances you drive. Get a small notebook to keep in the car. You can buy pre-made mileage trackers, or you can just purchase a small blank notebook from any office supply store. It doesn't matter what the book looks like, as long as you use it.

Fill Up Wisely
When you are trying to figure out your gas mileage, you should make a habit of filling up at the same gas station each time. If possible, you should also fill up at the same pump. The next time you fill up, set your odometer's trip reading at zero. This way, you can see how many miles you travel before you have to fill up again. Drive your car until you need to fill up your tank. Take note of the odometer's trip reading. When you fill up the car this time, be sure to use the automatic shut off. Write down how many gallons it takes for you to full up your tank.

Do The Math
Once you have all of these calculations, you are ready to figure out your gas mileage. Divide the odometer's trip reading by the amount of gallons you purchased. This will be the miles per gallon rating. For example, if you filled up with 17 gallons and had driven 150 miles your gas mileage would be approximately 8.8 gallons per mile.

Take Steps To Improve Your Gas Mileage
Compare your rating with the manufacturer's standard for your car. If there is a significant difference between the manufacturer's recommendation and your own, you may need to take steps to improve your fuel efficiency. Even a simple thing like getting your tire pressure checked can help increase your gas mileage. Take your car in for regular maintenance, or do it yourself, to get the best out of your engine.

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