How To Pump Your Own Gas

You probably know how to pump your own gas, but did you know that there are tricks and tips that can help you save on gas-and money? Before you just stick the pump in, fill up and drive away, you should take the time to read this advice.

Pay Attention To The Time Of Day
Not many people think about the fact that large tanks full of gas are underneath the gas pump. These tanks are absorbing the heat from the ground, which can have a big difference on the physical properties of the gas. When gas is warmed up, it is thinner and lighter. If you fill up in the middle of the day, you're actually getting less gas than if you pump when the weather is cool. For best results, even in the summer, pump early in the morning or late at night.

Pay With A Gas Credit Card
For some people, buying gas on credit is a no-no. But if you use your gas credit card intelligently, you can actually make money on your fill-ups. When you purchase gas with a credit card and pay off your balance in full each and every month, you can earn rewards points if your credit card offers them. If your gas card doesn't offer rewards, consider using a credit card that does. The key to this method is to pay off your balance in full each and every month. This way you'll minimize your interest charges and make good use of the rewards program. You can also do the same thing with a card that has cash back benefits.

Pump Correctly
Did you know that gas pumps have three different speeds? Most pumps have slow, medium and fast. Most people insert the pump into the car and then set the handle so that they don't have to hold the pump. Gas stations want you to do this because you are actually getting less gas this way-slow pumping reduces the vaporization of the gas. Take the extra effort to hold the pump at the first setting (slow), and you'll get fewer vapors and more gas for your dollar. Try squeezing the handle about a third of the way to set it at the slowest setting. Listen for the pump to click when the tank is full. Don't try to pump any more gas after you hear this click. You'll just end up wasting gas because it will spill out of your tank.

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