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Fighting speeding tickets is often a losing battle, but there are some situations when you should try.
By Jennifer Flaten
Think you know your traffic road signs? Learn what different shapes, colors and symbols can tell you about the road ahead.
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A Class A motorhome is a type of RV. Find out the advantages and disadvantages to owning one of these homes on wheels.
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Come to a full stop at all stop signs: It only takes a few seconds.
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This article can help provide a better understanding of the big rigs on the road. They are among the largest and most common vehicles on the road, so knowing more about them and their operators would be beneficial to all.
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Read on for some common-sense advice that may save the lives of humans and animals alike on the road at night.
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The list of traffic violations goes far beyond running red lights and speeding. Learn about the different reasons you can be ticketed and fined, whether you're driving or parking your vehicle.
By Jennifer Flaten
A legal stop is what you're required to do at a stop sign to avoid a ticket ... but many people don't understand everything they need to do.
By Jen Adams
A speeding ticket can come with a range of penalties. While it is primarily a civil offense, certain conditions can make a speeding ticket a misdemeanor.
By Rebecca Mikulin
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