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Popular Articles
Propeller strike injuries are a common cause of boating deaths, but certain precautions can help prevent accidents in your boat.
By Rebecca Mikulin
Car battery disposal is something to take seriously. With a toxic mixture of lead and sulfuric acid inside, a car battery can't simply be thrown in the trash or dumped alongside the road.
By Rachel Mork
A tire sizing chart helps you and your mechanic determine which replacement tires are best for you vehicle. All tires display their size on the tire itself, but the information is also located on the door jamb or glove box of most newer vehicles.
By Maeve Rich
Proper tire inflation is critical to your vehicle and can make a significant difference to your pocketbook, too.
By Rebecca Mikulin
Ready to build your own motorcycle trailer? The right trailer can make your long trips and camping a breeze, so get started today to enjoy your next road trip.
By Dachary Carey
Classic car prices can be hard to determine, in part because there are so many different ways to grade the cars. Learn the basics.
By Laura Evans
|&&|Learn how to change windshield wiper fluid when your car runs out.|&&|
By Rebecca Frank
The device we know as a jet engine, which makes air travel and rapid cargo delivery possible, also creates electricity.
By Jamie Douglas
When your ABS warning light comes on in your vehicle, it might be time to get down and dirty. With a few tools and some patience, you can usually take care of this situation at home.
By Lindsey Renuard
Fixing EGR valve problems means getting to know your EGR valve really well.
By Don Bowman
Don't hold off on timing belt replacement. Driving with a worn timing belt can destroy your engine, forcing you to replace the engine or junk the car.
By Cheryl Bowman
Shopping for a classic Volkswagen Beetle? You'll need to decide how much work you want to do to restore it, if any, then look for these common problems in aging Bugs.
By Rachel Mork
Fuel economy ratings are easy to read but hard to calculate. Here's what goes into them.
By Maeve Rich
This article highlights the early Chevrolet Camaro from its original release in 1966 to today. The car is considered to be an American muscle car and is now in its fifth generation with the 2010 being released this past year.
By Jackilyn
You should learn to spot bad fuel injector symptoms before they become big problems for your engine.
By Don Bowman
We all want to save a little extra money when it comes to automotive repair, but how cheap of a buy is too cheap? In this article we will explore the benefits and possible drawbacks to buying re-manufactured alternators for your vehicle.
By John Of All Trades
Diesel exhaust fluid removes harmful toxins from diesel engine emissions.
By Jamie Douglas
Testing a neutral safety switch is a good step to take when you can't start your car. The neutral safety switch is an invaluable part of your car's safety, but it can sometimes be a troublemaker.
By Don Bowman
Wondering how does a manual transmission work? Find out what happens when you shift gears.
By Cheryl Bowman
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