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Clogged fuel filter symptoms usually begin as a sputtering or hesitance when you push your vehicle's engine to higher speeds. In some cases, however, you may have no indication that a fuel filter is clogged.
By Cheryl Bowman
Learn how to fix a flat tire and stay safe while doing it. 
By Rebecca Frank
Do you know your nautical terms? Before you head out on the water, check the definitions of these terms commonly used on boats.
By Cheryl Bowman
Bleeding a clutch can be a real chore for some vehicles. Get tips for bench bleeding and working air out of the transmission system.
By Cheryl Bowman
Testing a neutral safety switch is a good step to take when you can't start your car. The neutral safety switch is an invaluable part of your car's safety, but it can sometimes be a troublemaker.
By Don Bowman
Pocket bikes are not street legal. They do not meet certain minimum requirements and therefore cannot be licensed.
By Mary P Ivy
ATV troubleshooting is very straightforward, even if you're not mechanically inclined, because it's generally easy to get at the engine and electrical components. Use these tips to diagnose problems and their causes.
By Cheryl Bowman
Learning to ride a motorcycle is a daunting task for many first time riders, but it's easy to do when you start with the basics.
By Maeve Rich
How do fuel injectors work? Fuel injectors are small electro-mechanical devices that are used to spray fuel into the intake manifold directly in front of the intake valve.
By Don Bowman
While equipment needs vary depending on the function of a boat, all boats must carry some types of safety equipment to ensure safe and legal operation.
By Rebecca Mikulin
Learn the basics about spark plug gap and begin to optimize your own vehicle.
By Don Bowman
Find out about some of the steps required to get a replacement car title.
By Marie Lorraine
Carburetor diagrams are a necessity for replacing or rebuilding a carburetor, and can be found cheap or free online.
By Rebecca Mikulin
The issue of whether you can drive in a bike lane depends on both your state and what you're trying to do in your car. Be sure to check the rules.
By Jen Adams
Wondering how to lace a motorcycle wheel? This process is time-consuming and detailed, but anyone can do it with enough patience and attention.
By Dachary Carey
How much oil does my car hold? Make sure you know the amount of oil your car requires before you start adding it on your own.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Tracker boats are popular budget alternatives for fishermen. Learn what to look for when you're shopping for them.
By Maeve Rich
Improving gas mileage will not only save money by using less gas, it will also help decrease emissions and be good for the environment.
By Kidgas .
If you have oil in your radiator, it could indicate a serious problem with your coolant lines or cylinder heads.
By Rebecca Mikulin
Personalize your car with a unique design.
By Conny Manero
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