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Popular Articles
Like other vehicles, motorcycles need a lot of care and proper maintenance. Knowing when and how to change fluids is handy, but what would you do when the motorcycle breaks...click here for more.
By D. Victor
Every car owner should know how to replace a cabin air filter. It's a simple but beguiling task.
By Maeve Rich
Changing ATV batteries is a simple process, once you've got the right kind of battery and know where to look in your ATV.
By Cheryl Bowman
Learn how to replace the neutral safety switch. It's a vital part of your car, but when it is giving you problems, you have to give it the heave ho.
By Don Bowman
Head gasket replacement is one of the most difficult car repair maneuvers there is. If you think you have the mettle to pull it off, learn the basics.
By Maeve Rich
A look at the facts behind the suggestion that air conditioning in your car wastes gas.
By Philip Lop
How do you change gears on a motorcycle? Learn how to shift and use the clutch step-by-step.
By Maeve Rich
Remote starters are a great safety and convenience feature, and are surprisingly easy to install.
By Rebecca Mikulin
Want your car to have a Ferrari shine? Give it a detailed car wax!
By Conny Manero
Finding the EGR valve location is actually quite simple. Just look for the flying saucer on a pedestal. 
By Don Bowman
You should learn to spot bad fuel injector symptoms before they become big problems for your engine.
By Don Bowman
That parking space reserved for the handicapped is there because of the Americans with Disabilities Acts of 1990 and 2009.
By Jamie Douglas
Car battery voltages aren't all created equal. To protect your battery and extend the life of your car, know your car's battery volts.
By Jen Adams
Speedometer repair can be difficult for home mechanics, and does not guarantee an accurate instrument.
By Rebecca Mikulin
Learn how to read a weather map so that you'll be prepared for changes in conditions while you're boating.
By Cheryl Bowman
Driving while drunk is never smart whether you’re on the land or on the sea.
By Jennifer Hinders
Learn about the rise and fall of the Cadillac Brougham, one of the longest-running names in the Cadillac catalog.
By Cheryl Bowman
Cruise control can fail for a number of reasons. Some simple fixes could save on a bill from your mechanic.
By Rebecca Mikulin
Understanding how to disconnect a car battery can save your life. Electricity is not something to be treated lightly.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
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