How to Build Your Own Motorcycle Trailer

Want to build your own motorcycle trailer? If you're handy with tools and want a custom solution to fit your bike, building your own motorcycle trailer can offer the perfect solution to your towing needs. 

You need tow bars on your bike.

Before you worry about building your own motorcycle trailer, you'll need a way to tow it. That means you need tow bars on your bike. If you can't weld, it's worthwhile to hire professionals to install tow bars so you avoid damaging your motorcycle and the tow bars are securely attached. If you install them yourself, make sure the tow bars don't interfere with your bike's operation and performance.

The trailer hitch is extremely important.

Choosing the right trailer hitch is a big part of building a good motorcycle trailer. Ultimately, you want a good quality hitch with safety chains. Pay attention to the weight rating of your hitch, and don't overload it. For optimal safety, look for a hitch with a 360-degree swivel; it gives you the freedom to lean as you ride, and if your trailer runs into trouble it won't flip the bike.

Don't be afraid to work from trailer plans.

When you build your own motorcycle trailer, there's no shame in working from plans or blueprints. Some trailer designs work better than others, so letting the professionals do the job of designing the trailer means you won't have to worry about it. Check for designs that include plenty of storage space, detailed measurements and suggestions on materials.

A long draw bar provides more stability and better towing.

A long draw bar is good when you build your own motorcycle trailer. A long draw bar provides for easier towing; especially when you're in tight or difficult driving situations. A long draw bar gives you the room to turn and perform difficult maneuvers instead of being locked into a specific driving style or position by your trailer.

Do some research on how your bike handles with a trailer before you build.

Different bikes handle differently towing trailers. Do some research on how your motorcycle handles with trailers before you build one. Read up on forums, consult the manufacturer for recommended trailers and ask around at bike shows or travel groups. You might find that a specific style of trailer works best with your bike, or that your bike doesn't perform well with a trailer at all.

You want shocks and a suspension on your trailer.

You can build a trailer with nothing but a solid metal frame, but it's not going to handle well; especially at highway speeds or on difficult roads. For optimum performance, make sure your trailer is well-equipped with good shocks and a good suspension. With no suspension at all, your trailer may bounce when you tow it, and could ultimately become a handling nightmare.

Weight matters.

Weight matters, both in the handling of your trailer and in packing the trailer itself. Make sure you know how much weight your trailer can safely carry. Most trailer tongues only support so much, and overloading them can cause strain or even breakage. Overloading your trailer can also cause your bike to handle poorly, and even lead to an accident.

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