How Do You Change Gears on a Motorcycle

How do you change gears on a motorcycle? Motorcycle gearing is pretty simple to understand, once you're comfortable with it. Here are some tips to help you learn how to change gears on a motorcycle.

Your motorcycle will have to be in neutral to start. To turn your bike into neutral, click the shifter one half click up. Turn your ignition to "Start" and then use the kick start to get your bike going. If your motorcycle is electric, you'll have to press the start button, which is generally on the left side of your bike.

To shift into first gear, hold the clutch down and, using your shifter, click down one. Second gear is one click above neutral, third is two, fourth is three and fifth is four clicks.

When you're shifting gears on a motorcycle, hold in the clutch and click your shifter into first. Make sure that you're holding in the clutch while you shift and then slowly release the clutch, balancing out how much you release with gas. Take your time learning this and be patient. Make sure you don't try to do it too quickly; let too much clutch out too soon and your bike will turn off. Give it too much gas and you could end up popping a wheelie. When you feel the bike "catch," meaning it has enough gas and is starting to move, you can let go of the clutch completely.

Once you're moving you can change gears. Move up to second and then upward as needed. You can tell that it's time to shift gears when your engine sounds like it's working hard. Another way to tell is to look at your instruments. Your bike will reach about 5000 rpms and you'll know it's time to change.

You can shift down again as you slow down. Make sure that you shift down as you slow and stop so that your engine doesn't die. Only shift down at low rpms. Your bike should be in neutral or first gear when stopped.

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