At What Speeds Do You Change Gears on a Motorcycle

Learning at what speeds you change gears on a motorcycle takes some time. Changing gears too soon can cause your engine to bog down and potentially stall. But, if you don't change gears soon enough, your engine RPMs can reach dangerous levels.

You should always start a motorcycle in the neutral position and then shift it into first gear. Once your motorcycle is moving you can let off the clutch completely and give it more gas. Be careful not to let out the clutch too early, otherwise your engine could stall. Give the bike too much gas and you could end up popping a wheelie.

You can continue to shift upwards from first to second, second to third and so on as you feel the need to. You'll know it's time to change gears when the bike's engine seems to be working hard. You can also gauge when it's time to change gears by the speed. Generally you can shift from first gear to second gear when the bike is going between 10 and 20 miles an hour. Thirty miles an hour is a good time to shift from second gear to third gear and by 40 miles an hour you should be in fourth gear. Any time your bike reaches 50 miles an hour or more you should be in fifth gear.

Keep in mind that unlike a car, you shouldn't downshift to slow down when operating a motorcycle. Instead, use the brakes. Downshifting on a motorcycle can be very bad for your engine. Downshifting when you're traveling at a high speed can cause your rear tire to lock up.

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