Make sure your vehicle starts everytime this winter

If you are living in any part of the United States where it gets below the 32 degree mark, then you have probably throughout your lifetime experienced problems with your car starting at some point. This common type of auto trouble can make us late for work, make an emergency situation even worse and of course, cost us time and money.

There are many things you can do to prevent a dead battery during the winter months. One of the first is to make sure that your battery is putting out the proper amount of energy as well as retaining it by having a load test completed. One of the best ways to have your battery load tested is to drive down to your local auto part store and have an employee perform the testing for you. Most of the time, especially with some of the larger auto part store chains, they will do this for you at no cost.  They can perform the testing with the battery installed and connected to the vehicle. What makes the load testing of your battery important is that the readings can tell you if your battery is on its way to failing or not. If your battery is not up to spec when it comes to the advertised performance and what your vehicle requires, it?'s time to buy a quality replacement! There is load testing equipment that you can buy to do the job yourself but if you have the option to have it tested for free, why buy equipment that you don?'t need?

One of the most common problems with poor battery performance and hard starts is an excessive amount of corrosion build up on the battery terminals. This corrosion usually presents itself by looking like a white dusty buildup on the terminal posts of your battery. One of the best ways to get rid of the corrosion is to clean it off with a wire brush. Make sure you disconnect the terminals and brush them off as well. Be careful not to force or hammer the battery terminals on to the battery posts. This can damage your battery as well as expose you to dangerous battery acid.   

When some consumers buy a new automotive battery, they tend to purchase cheaper brands that have less impact on their wallet. While saving money can be important, sacrificing quality can hurt you in the long run. You want to look for a high quality battery with enough cold cranking amps for your vehicle. Batteries tend to be less powerful in cold temperatures so purchasing a battery that is designed to take winter punishment should be paramount in your purchasing decision. Also check for a good warranty protection plan for your investment. Look for batteries with the longest warranty period. The longer the warranty coverage the manufacturer offers with their battery, the more confidence they have that the product won?'t fail prematurely.  

You should also perform maintenance checks to your whole vehicle or have a qualified mechanic do it for you before the colder climates hit. A little preventative work can help save you time and money in the long run as well as help keep you safe this winter season!

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