Replacing Power Steering Fluid

Replacing power steering fluid is imperative any time that the fluid has changed color from red (in those units that use transmission fluid) or clear (used in units using power steering fluid) to a brown, contaminated color. Generally this fluid contamination is from moisture infiltration into the system, reducing the lubricating properties of the fluid. Changing the fluid lengthens the life span of the power steering pump.

Items necessary for this procedure:

  • 1 gallon of power steering fluid
  • 1 gallon of power steering cleaner
  • 1 pint of power steering conditioner
  • Siphon ball
  • Empty gallon milk container
  • Narrow tip funnel

Open the hood and start the engine. Remove the cap on the power steering pump. Using the siphon, remove three-quarters of the power steering fluid from the power steering pump. Empty the used fluid into the milk jug.

Fill the power steering reservoir with power steering cleaner. As it goes though the system, remove the dirty cleaner with the siphon ball. Continue this process until the entire contents of the gallon of power steering cleaner is exhausted.

Open the bottle of power steering fluid and repeat the same process you used with the cleaner, but using the now empty bottle of cleaner to store the dirty power steering cleaner. When the contents of the power steering fluid container are almost exhausted, add just enough fluid to allow for the power steering conditioner.

Dispose of the old power steering fluid and cleaner properly. Do not pour it on the ground, as it will contaminate the ground water. Take the fluid to a service facility or to an auto parts store that accepts oil for disposal.

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