Replacing Radiator Hoses

Radiator hoses are a radiator problem that you can probably fix fairly easily. When a radiator hose is leaking, it can cause your car to malfunction. The longer you wait to replace radiator hoses, the worse the problem can get. Here are some tips to help you get started replacing the radiator hoses in your car.

Radiator hoses are often the cause of leaks, leading some people to think that their radiator itself has a leak. One way to determine whether your radiator or the radiator hoses are the problem is to let your car run for awhile. When you open the hood, you should be able to determine whether the leak is coming from the radiator or from one of the hoses.

The first thing you should do, once you've determined that your radiator hoses do, indeed, need to be replaced, is to allow your car to cool down. You should have your supplies and tools at hand to make the job easier and to keep yourself from having to go to the store mid-repair for parts.

Once your engine is cool, place an appropriate receptacle underneath the radiator hose to catch the coolant. Coolant is surprisingly tasty to children and animals, and also deadly. It's important that you dispose of coolant properly, according to your city's laws.

Next loosen the radiator hoses using a screwdriver. Remove the radiator hose. Take the hose clamps off of the old radiator hose and put them onto the new radiator hose. 

Now you can put on the new radiator hose and tighten the radiator hose clamps. You can refill the radiator with coolant and water.

Allow your car to run without the radiator cap on until your car is warm. This will let air bubbles escape. You can add coolant to replace what is lost when you leave the car running with the cap off.

Now it's time to check your work. Make sure there aren't any areas of wetness, which could signify a leak. Replace the radiator cap and check the radiator again after you have driven it for the first time to make sure one more time that there aren't any leaks.

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