Average Automotive Detailing Prices

What are average automotive detailing prices? You can get your car detailed at a car wash, specialty store or auto body repair shop. The condition of your car and what you want done are major factors in where you go. If you have an average to very nice car and you don't want to break the bank, a good car wash is your best bet. Usually, car washes offer several different detailing packages, and some places even allow you to mix and match services.

If you drive a luxury vehicle or are selling a car,  choosing a specialty store would be wise. Specialty stores cater to limo services and car rental businesses as well. Auto body shops detail cars after they're done working on them.

The Prices

Your typical car wash usually offers the most affordable detailing. Prices for a basic package at a car wash will range from $40-$60 for passenger cars and between $70-$90 for larger vehicles, which include pick up trucks, minivans and SUVs.  A package that involves more detail will cost even more. Top shelf detail packages average $150 for passenger cars and $200 for larger vehicles.

What to Expect

Basic service should include a touchless or hand wash, wax, tire cleaning, vacuuming of the interior, polishing and cleaning of interior surfaces and cleaning of windows and mirrors.

Extras and upgrades include removal of light bugs and tar, engine wash and dressing, all carpets and upholstery steam cleaned, professional polishing for showroom shine, vents cleaned and odor removal. Of course, the more extras you add, the more you add to the total. A professional polish will add an average of $60 for a standard size vehicle and $90 for a larger car. A cleaning that includes washing, steam cleaning the seats and carpets and adding protector to the vinyl averages $80 for the average size car and $130 for the larger car. Leather cleaning runs $50 for an average car and $75 for bigger cars. There's also dent removal, which averages $75 and up. A vintage car will obviously incur even more charges.

Fortunately, most places offer discounts and there are coupons that you'll receive in the mail that you should look for.

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