Best Tire Shine Products

Car enthusiasts love nothing better than to get their soapy hands all over their cars: washing, polishing and buffing. They know that dirty, dull tires spoil the overall appearance of their pride and joy. Another factor is that regularly conditioned tires usually have a longer lifespan. If you love to pamper your car, consider the following best tire shine products.

ArmorAll Extreme Tire ShineR

Users of ArmorAll Extreme Tire Shine give this product a five star rating. Most prefer the gel over the spray product because it handles easier and can be more accurately applied. The spray tends to coat the rims, causing dust to stick to them. In addition to shining their tires, users claim that the product also works great on dull diffusers and mud flaps.

Turtle Wax Black Tire ShineR

Turtle Wax has been trusted by car lovers for many years. Happy consumers that buy this product claim there is no wax that equals Black Tire Shine. They claim that tires treated with it have a "wet shine" that stays super bright. Unlike silicon-based products, Black Tire Shine will not attract dirt and will maintain tire shine even on dirty roads.

Blue Magic Supreme Tire ShineR

When sprayed directly on tires, Supreme Tire Shine gives an instant gloss finish. The spray can be applied accurately without touching the metal rim, doesn't drip during application and dries almost instantly, even in moist conditions. Supreme Tire Shine is VOC (volatile organic compound) compliant.

Eagle One EnviroShine Gel Tire ShineR

Users are so pleased with EnviroShine Gel Tire Shine that they call it the spray that delivers an unbeatable performance. Quality ingredients make for outstanding shine and protection. The product is safe and environmentally friendly with a formula that contains no harsh solvents and is non-toxic. The thick gel clings to tires and aids durability.

Black Magic Titanium Tire Wet GelR

Users have mixed feelings about Black Magic Wet Gel. On the one hand, they call the gel the best product they've used in years, yet they admit that the gel does not penetrate the grooves of the tire as easily as a spray does. On the positive side, they believe this product is the best value on the market and offers the longest lasting shine they've ever seen. Another downside is that the gel attracts road dust.

Autoglym Instant Tyre DressingR

If you prefer a natural finish on your tires versus a wet-looking finish, Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing might prove to be an effective alternative. The gel contains polymer silicone ingredients that will protect your tires and add durability. The gel is long-lasting and easy to use. Customers report that the product is not suitable for motorcycle tires due to its slippery consistency. Car tires, on the other hand, will look like new again.

Keep in mind that for the best results tires should be washed or treated with a tire cleaner before applying a shine product. Even the best tire shine products will not perform their best on dirty tires.

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