Best Fuel Injector Cleaner

The best fuel injector cleaner is a kit. The kit contains various connectors with which to connect to the inlet fuel line just before the fuel injector rail. The kit also has a hose with an end for the attachment of a pressurized fuel injector cleaner can. This sounds more expensive than it is. This kit can be purchased at most of the major auto parts stores. The can of cleaner was designed for professional use and is used at all the service stations.

Fuel injectors have a very fine micro final filter in their inlet side, which protects them in the event something passes the main fuel filter. In most cases, the cleaner will dissolve the contaminant and restore normal fuel flow. Most importantly the cleaner dissolves the carbon buildup that occurs on the dispensing end of the injector. The injector has an orifice or several orifices the size of a hypodermic needle so it is not hard to imagine the complications should they become restricted.

Fuel injector cleaner that is purchased at an auto parts store off the shelf is only a preventative maintenance item. The odds, through extensive experience, are a 1000 to 1 against affecting a cure for a pre-existing condition. If these cleaners are used every second tank of fuel, they can extend the length of time between servicing the injectors, so they do have their little niche.

The way the professional system works is that the fuel pump is shut down on the vehicle. The fuel line is disconnected at the fuel rail, or a Schraeder on the fuel rail is used and the fuel line from the kit attached to the vacant line. The cleaner can is attached to the other end of the hose and supported under the hood. The vehicle is then started and allowed to run directly on the can of cleaner until the can is exhausted and the engine quits. It makes a major impact on the injectors and has the ability to smooth the idle and restore the power and fuel economy of the car to their original states.

This kit comes with instructions and can be installed in minutes. It is not complicated to do, but check with the kit supplier to see whether or not it will work on your particular vehicle. It will work on 95 percent of all vehicles with the exception of some Mercedes and luxury vehicles. The kit is called "professional pressurized fuel injector cleaning" kit.

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