How to Clean Fuel Injectors

Learn how to clean fuel injectors effectively: the professional way. Auto parts stores sell fuel injection cleaner that is used in the fuel tank, but this is only a preventative maintenance item. It may clean a slightly dirty, barely noticeable injector irregularity after driving 500 miles, but this never works well on clogged, dirty or carboned injectors.

This procedure will clean all the injectors thoroughly and increase the fuel mileage and smooth the idle as a bonus. Not all cars can be cleaned. Certain vehicles require replacement of injectors if they become dirty. Hgh-end vehicles cannot be cleaned this way. They must be cleaned with special tools. If the fuel pump is disconnected, the vehicle will not start and, in some cases, it causes electrical nightmares. The radio will need to have the security code entered, and, sometimes, the computer will need to be re-programmed before it will start.

This procedure requires a fuel injector cleaner kit. It is not expensive and includes various fittings to connect to the fuel lines. A pressurized can of professional fuel injection cleaner will also be needed.

Remove the air cleaner to gain access to the fuel rail on top of the fuel injectors. Look at the rail and see if there is a Schraeder valve on the rail. If there is one, this is where the connection will be made. If there is no Schraeder valve, inspect the fuel lines for an attachment point. The large fuel line will be the inlet and the small line will be the return. Another way of identifying the return hose is to look for the fuel pressure regulator, a small round object attached to the end of the fuel rail, and the hose attached here will be the return line. That would make the opposite line the inlet.

Remove the fuel pump fuse from the fuse and relay center on the driver's side fenderwell. Start the car for three seconds to exhaust the fuel pressure in the lines. Connect the appropriate adapter to the inlet fuel line or to the Schraeder. Shake the bottle vigorously and attach it to the hose and open the valve. Hang the hose up from the underside of the hood and start the engine. Allow the engine to run until it completely exhausts the can of cleaner.

Remove the can of fuel injection cleaner and the line to the fuel rail or line. Restore the fuel line connections and install the fuel pump fuse. Install the air cleaner.  

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