Driveway Entrance Ideas

Are you looking for driveway entrance ideas that will suit your specific needs? To determine the best driveway entrance for your home, answer the following questions:

Purpose of the Entrance
Do you need a driveway entrance that will provide security to your entire property or are you looking for something that will simply prevent people from going into your driveway? If you need security, you will need to think about surrounding your home with a fence and a gate that locks. If you simply want to prevent people from going into your driveway, you can use a simple post-and-gate solution.

Tone Desired
What tone do you want to convey with your driveway entrance? Are you looking for a decorative entrance that conveys formality? You may wish to consider a stone pyre, cement sculpture or wrought-iron driveway entrance that speaks of tradition and wealth. Are you looking just to keep your dog in the yard? You may wish to use a wooden fence enclosure filled in with wire mesh. Are you out in the country and want to exude country charm? Check out the stacked rough-hewn log fences and driveway entrances available.

Do you need your driveway entrance to be automated? Do you want a gate that slides or swings? Will you need to control the gate by remote control or keypad? Is the function of your driveway entrance decorative or operational? Once you determine the function your entranceway must perform, you'll be able to narrow down what style you desire.

There are as many types of driveway entrances as there are types of driveways. Do you want your visitors to drive under an archway as they enter your home, or to pass through a decorative gate? You can choose from a variety of styles-from gothic to modern, from intricate to simple. Many driveways sport family crests or logos on the entrances; others are adorned with gates featuring mountain scenes, wildlife or flowers.

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