Recipes For Cold Finger Foods

Cold finger foods are great for any cocktail party because you don't need to worry about keeping them warm. Just keep it simple and think bite-sized portions, not mini-salads. Guests don't need to be bothered with a knife and fork.

Artichoke Bruschetta
These hors d'oeuvres are super-easy and can be left out all party long. Chop up several tomatoes into tiny pieces. In a bowl, combine the tomatoes with one small chopped onion, a teaspoon of chopped fresh garlic and several pieces of fresh basil. Take one can of artichokes, and drain it in the sink. Add that into the bruschetta mix. Add a touch of salt, pepper and several squeezes of fresh lemon juice. Combine all the ingredients, and refrigerate for several hours. Serve the mix with crusty fresh bread or bruschetta crackers.

Italian Meats And Cheeses
Everyone loves sampling from a fresh platter of meats and cheeses. Get a half pound to a pound of salami, prosciutto, soppresatta, fresh mozzarella, goat cheese, Asiago cheese and any others you like. Cut them into bite-sized pieces, and place them onto a large platter. In the middle of the platter, place some slices of crusty bread and Italian olives in a small bowl.

Celery Sticks With Cream Cheese
A good hostess always makes sure to prepare vegetarian finger foods so everyone has something to eat. This particular recipe couldn't be any easier. Just take a bag of celery stalks, and cut them into roughly 4-inch strips. With a knife, take light cream cheese, and scoop it into the crevice of the celery stick. Wipe away any excess cream cheese on the outer part of the stick. Top it with a splash of paprika and pepper.

Tomato Tea Sandwiches
Instead of cucumber tea sandwiches, offer your guests a zestier version. Choose pumpernickel bread, which will do a better job absorbing any tomato juice. Take two slices, and remove the crusts. Spread plain cream cheese on both sides of the bread. Then take two pieces of thinly sliced tomato, and place it on the bread. Top it off with a thin sliver of avocado. Close the sandwich with the top piece of bread, and cut the sandwich into 4 pieces on a diagonal.

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The best finger food recipes are versatile enough for a casual event or an upscale dinner party. Any of the following options are perfect for afternoon luncheons, an appetizer course, your next book club meeting or girls' night in.

Hot finger foods are essential at any great cocktail party. Try these recipes for simple finger foods that you can prepare quickly so the delicious treats don't have a chance to get cold.

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Any busy entertainer needs finger food ideas for an impromptu party. The trick is to choose easy appetizer recipes that either don't require hours of prep time or can be made a day before the party.

When choosing finger food appetizers, go easy on yourself. You don't want to get stuck slaving in the kitchen or fill guests up before the main course. Think about mixing and matching, and choose flavors that go well together.

Good party finger foods should be so delicious or artistic that they can serve as a conversation topic. Your guests will appreciate the time you took to create special party food for their enjoyment.

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