Cake Brownies vs. Fudge Brownies

When it comes to brownies, some like them fluffy and some like them fudgy. The age-old battle of cake brownies vs. fudge brownies has chocolate lovers around the world taking sides. For many people, making a decision is difficult task. Fortunately, dozens of different recipes are available to pick from, giving those with an affinity for these tasty treats the chance to sample a few from each side's wide and varied selection.

Two desserts or four?

For those who prefer fudge brownies to cake brownies, a key component of the argument is this question: "Why eat a cakelike brownie when I could just eat a slice of cake?" The same can be said by the proponents of cake brownies, who argue that if they wanted to enjoy the flavor of fudge, they'd simply cook up a batch of it. The difference between the two popular types of brownies lies primarily in their ingredients.

Chewy, gooey brownies

Fudgy brownies are comprised of less flour than their cakelike counterparts and don't include baking powder, which results in a gooey texture that melts in your mouth. To make these brownies chewier than those that have the consistency of cake, the butter is melted, rather than creamed with sugar, which leads to thicker, denser delights. Combining unsweetened and semisweet chocolate and adding an extra egg or two to the batter can also create a brownie characterized by a chewy texture and fudgy taste.

Lighter, fluffier brownies

In contrast, cakelike brownies are created using larger amounts of flour and less butter than fudgy types, and by adding a dash of baking soda to give them a lighter texture that more closely resembles the consistency of cake. Creaming the butter with sugar rather than melting it with the chocolate also results in a softer style of brownie, and including milk in the list of ingredients is another key difference between cake brownies and those of the more fudgy variety.

Want to pair your brownies with ice cream and hot fudge or simply enjoy them on their own? It doesn't matter which style you prefer; both work well either way.

If you find yourself faced with tackling the difficult task of deciding between cake brownies and fudge brownies, don't choose a side. Consider sampling one of each instead! For a wide array of brownie recipes, including cakelike and fudgy varieties, visit

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