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French macaroons are known for being crispy on the outside and warm on the inside. One main ingredient added to most French macaroon recipes is almonds, but you can also add chocolate.
By Kristen Oliveri
Chocolate, for some people, is as essential as sunlight, but is there that big of a difference among types of chocolate? What many people, including chocolate lovers, do not always know is that there is a vast variety and each strikes a different fancy.
By Lisa Bower
Making cookies using what you have a lot of in your kicthen.
By MrsKP
How do websites use cookies? There is a misconception that cookies can be used as programs, being placed on computers and then operating in a way which the computer user is not aware.
By Maeve Rich
This great no bake haystack cookie recipe uses the microwave instead of the oven or stove, and it satisfies your craving for crunch, salt and sweetness all at the same time.
By Kristen Oliveri
You should learn how to clear cookies if you are a computer owner concerned about privacy. It's easy, when you have the right instructions.
By Maeve Rich
Homemade granola bars are easy to make and full of good nutritious ingredients; each bite delivers great taste as well as that much-needed pick-me-up expected from every snack food.
By Helen Polaski
No bake drop cookies are a quick and easy way to whip up some delightful treats. Because these cookies do not need to be baked in an oven, they are generally simple recipes that take as much as half the time to complete. 
By Lisa Bower
Maybe you don't have an oven, or maybe you do, but it's used more for storage than it is for baking. Either way, these easy and delicious recipes are perfect for you.
By Aaron Baer Harsha
Nothing soothes our soul like comfort food can. If there is a comfort cookie, it must be the luscious, moist magic of a chocolate chip cookie. The aroma of baking cookies will bring out the child in anyone, and delight the children in your life.
By Cheryl Bailey
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