Ice Cream Sundae Bar Ideas

If you want to make a deluxe ice cream sundae bar for a special event, try serving a variety of toppings to expand the possible combinations. Everyone likes ice cream desserts, but the key to a successful ice cream sundae bar lies in the inventive toppings combined with the classic toppings everyone expects to find.

Start With the Classic Ice Creams
Make sure you have a good foundation of ice creams available. Buy high-quality vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, and then invest in a low-fat, a low-carb, and a no-sugar variety for those with special dietary restrictions. You'll want to have more vanilla than anything else because most people like to use vanilla ice cream for their sundaes.

Stock Up on Dream Ice Cream Bar Toppings
Chocolate for the Chocoholics: Make sure you have brownies, hot fudge, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips (white, milk and dark) and M&Ms.

Fruit for the Fruit-Lovers: Prepare bananas (still in the peel so they don't go bad), fresh sliced strawberries, fresh raspberries, blueberries, shredded coconut and maraschino cherries.

Sauces for the Sweet Tooth: Provide a selection of caramel sauce, butterscotch sauce, marshmallow crème and strawberry sauce.

For the Coffee Lovers: Consider mixing up a mocha hot fudge sauce made with pre-made hot fudge and some instant coffee crystals. Offer chocolate-covered espresso beans to sprinkle on top, along with some shaved dark chocolate for a delicious mocha sundae.

A Touch of Crunch: Supply crushed nuts, granola and crushed Oreo cookies for textural variety.

Candy Is Always Dandy: Crush up your favorite candy bars (Heath, Butterfinger and Snickers bars are popular items), and offer these in bowls with spoons for serving. Guests may also like Skittles, gummy bears, Reese's Pieces and Nerds, too.

Don't Forget the Whipped Cream: Provide both whipped cream in the can and homemade whipped cream.

Tips for Making Your Ice Cream Sundae Bar a Success
Keep the Ice Cream Cold: Use coolers filled with ice to keep the ice cream from melting.

Place Your Toppings in Decorative Dishes: Invest in cute little dishes and serving spoons so guests can help themselves to as much or little as they like.

Suggest Combinations: Offer to slice up a brownie for a sundae, and then place fresh raspberries on top with a bit of hot fudge for a fruity, chocolate delight. Or, suggest dark hot fudge and almonds on vanilla ice cream topped with shredded coconut for an "Almond Joy" sundae.

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