Treacle Tarts and Clotted Cream

While a treacle tart with clotted cream has been a popular dessert in Great Britain for centuries, some of the terminology may mystify people from the United States or other parts of the world. If you're in the United States, then this simple dessert may be a great way to impress your guests, as well as offer something that they're not likely to have tasted before. The basic recipe for treacle tart is very simple and lends itself to endless variations, making it easy to tailor to a variety of flavor preferences.

What is a treacle tart?

A basic treacle tart consists of bread crumbs, golden syrup, heavy cream and a little lemon zest and ginger baked in a pie crust. The resulting dish is very sweet, which is why it's generally served with something on top to balance out the sweetness. If you enjoy desserts such as pecan pie or bread pudding, then a treacle tart may be perfectly tantalizing to your taste buds. Once you know what the basic tart tastes like, feel free to create variations on the recipe -- add in light or dark molasses instead of golden syrup, try different spices, or add in bits of toffee or other flavorful goodies.

Basics of clotted cream

Traditionally, treacle tart is enjoyed with a topping of clotted cream -- or, essentially, a slightly sweet and very thick butter. Clotted cream is nearly impossible to find in grocery stores in the United States, though you can make your own version with just some cream and a saucepan. Alternatively, commercially available whipped butter makes a workable substitute. Because clotted cream is extremely high in fat, many people choose to use light whipped cream or even ice cream on their treacle tarts instead. Consider buying some heavy whipping cream and whipping your own, allowing you to control any added flavors or sweeteners, if any. A touch of vanilla or almond extract in the cream may be the perfect touch to finish off this dish.

Think of treacle tarts and clotted cream for that occasional indulgence or special event.

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