Ways To Keep Fish From Sticking To The Grill

Grilling tips that will keep fish from sticking are worth their weight in gold. No one wants to cook a perfectly delicious slab of fish and then not be able to enjoy it because most of it is stuck to the grill.

The beauty of fish is that it is delicate and flaky, with a flavor is hard to beat when it is cooked correctly. Combine that with the flavor that the grill gives the fish, and you should have an amazing meal.

Choose the best fish for grilling. Know your fish and how they cook before attempting to grill. The best fish for grilling are fish that are firm, such as tuna and swordfish. Salmon is also a good, thick fish that doesn't require delicate handling. Regardless of what type of fish you grill, however, if you want the end result to be both delicious and beautiful, use fish that is at least one inch thick.

Presentation is everything. Even when fish stick and can be removed from the grill, the fact that the fish has been torn to bits and no longer resembles fish creates a less appealing affect. When plating food, presentation really is everything. We all want our food to look good as well as taste good. Unfortunately, when the food doesn't look as appealing, we tend to assume the taste is off-even when it isn't. So don't jeopardize your food with bad visual appeal.

Get the best grill marks. In order to achieve beautiful grill marks on both sides of the fish, you'll need to move the fish a minimum of four times-twice on each side.

Maintain the grill. Make sure the grill is clean before you begin because fish will be less likely to stick to a clean grill. To keep bits of old charred food from tripping you up the next time you grill, make it a habit to scrub the grill each time before using it. On a similar note, make sure the grill is hot before you place the fish on it.

Season with olive oil. Using non-stick vegetable spray will keep you from adding too much grease, but non-stick spray tends to burn and can cause flare-ups, which can actually initiate further sticking. A better choice is extra virgin olive oil. Spread a minimal amount of oil onto the fish itself rather than the grill. If you plan on flipping the fish, make sure you spray both sides.

Use foil. Foil-wrapped fish is actually steamed on the grill rather than grilled, but that doesn't take away from the flavor. To prevent the fish from sticking to the inside of the foil, remember to add a little bit of olive oil to the fish before wrapping.

Use grilling baskets. Grilling baskets will enable you to move the fish away from the grill when flare-ups occur and thereby help keep the fish from becoming blackened and sticking. Oil all sides of the fish before inserting it into the basket or placing the basket on the grill.

Use cedar or cherry wood planks. If you use wood planks that have been properly soaked in water, you shouldn't experience sticking problems. Spread olive oil over the fish before placing it on the planks.

Suspend the fish over the fire. Suspending a fish over an open fire technically is still a form of outdoor grilling. This is also an excellent way to cook fish without burning it or having it stick to the grill. If you're worried that the fish will fall off the stick, spray it and wrap it in foil, and then suspend it over the open flame.

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