Tips on Grilling a Steak

Learn some basic tips on grilling a steak if you want to prepare the best steak during your next outdoor grilling extravaganza. Grilling is an art, and with this type of artwork, each artist uses his or her own style and seasonings. Grilling tips, like making sure you have the proper heat and the proper thickness of steak, come in handy no matter what type of meat you're cooking.

Different aromatic wood chips, such as apple or cedar chips, will enhance the flavor of the meat. If you're looking for a smokier flavor or taste to your meat, soak wood chips in water prior to using on the grill.

Outdoor Grilling and Gas Grilling
When cooking steaks on the outdoor grill, make sure you purchase steaks that are uniform thickness of about one inch. If the meat is thicker than one inch, it's harder to cook through to the center without burning the outside. If the steak is thinner, the steak may be tough.

You will want to be sure to know the length of time your steak is on the grill and how hot the grill is. A steak should not be turned more than once. Each time you flip the meat, the cooking process has to restart. The hardest part is knowing when to flip your steak. Until you get the hang of it, keep a close eye on the clock.

With a one-inch steak and a medium-high flame, your steak should be cooked thoroughly on one side within eight minutes. Unfortunately, eight minutes on one grill makes a perfect steak, but eight minutes on the next grill and your steak may be charred. Because each grill is different, you'll need to get familiar with your own grill.

Another way to test the steak for doneness is by leaning down so that you are at eye level with the grill. (Be careful when doing this as flare-ups caused by inadequate trimming of fat before grilling can occur when you least expect them). Pull up one corner of the steak. Have the grill marks begun to turn black? If they have, flip your steak and start timing the second side.

Dangers of Inadequately Grilled Beef
It's very important to grill every cut of steak to doneness, the same as you should cook fish to doneness to avoid the harboring of parasites.

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Knowing some grilling tips for outdoor cooking can make barbequing more fun and more successful and ultimately result in tastier food.

Cleaning the grill may not be fun, but it needs to be done if you want to be able to use this expensive piece of equipment for many years to come.

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