Food Pairing Ideas for Lager Beer

When pairing food with lager beers, you'll need to pay attention to what kind of lager it is. Pale lagers go best with lighter foods such as crispy torillas filled with spicy Mexican foods or nachos with salsa and cheese. Darker lagers are more commonly served with meals, but can be consumed with some appetizers also.

Dark lagers are wonderful with saucy meals like beef stew, goulash and curries because they cut the heaviness of the sauces. A Vienna style lager is perfect for pork chops or beef tips in a heavy sauce like a blue cheese sauce or a hearty gravy. These dark lagers are also perfect with barbeque, beef dishes and German foods such smoked sausages.

Marinate ground beef in an American lager and then grill it as burgers. Serve it with a bottle of the same lager beer and you'll have a great lunch at a cookout. Mexican lagers go well with spicy or Cajun food, while Japanese lagers hold up to sushi well. Amber lagers go well with fruity chocolate desserts.

Try the darker lagers with appetizers suitable for watching sports games. Bitter lagers will cut the saltiness of salty snacks. They are also excellent pairings with soft pretzels and mustard sauces or rich cheese sauces, making them an excellent football party beer choice.

Lagers are the most commonly consumed beers in the world. They are popular because they are so versatile and go well with many foods. If you aren't sure what beer to serve with a dish, a lager is a good guess. Your guest has most likely tried it before and will probably be familiar with this kind of beer. Unlike stouts or porters, which may truly clash with a food, lagers are pretty amenable to most food items.

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If you love different types of beer, you'll want to pair it with the right food to bring out the unique flavors in your favorite brew. Check out these types of beer and beer pairings for some ideas on making the perfect food and beer matches.

Microbrew beer is beer that is crafted in a small brewery instead of a large commercial brewery. Microbreweries are classified as such only if they produce fewer than about 15,000 barrels of beer annually. 

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If you like to drink light beers, you'll want to pair them with lighter foods. Just like you would pair a milder dish with a mild, sweet wine and a bolder dish with a bolder wine (or white meats with white wine and red meats with red wine), you'll want to think light with light when you look for good food pairings for light beers.

If you're looking to pair food with your favorite pale ale, you should take a look at heavy, full-bodied menu choices. Pale ales have full-bodied flavors, so you need to pair them with foods that have strong, hearty flavors and can stand up to the ale. A good pale ale can play up the spicy heat of spiced foods or it can balance a robust beef dish.

If you want to taste a variety of beers, why not consider hosting your own beer tasting party? While it might not be reasonable to taste a dozen different beers on your own in one sitting, it can be a feasible event if you invite a few friends and pour small servings of each beer for comparison.

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