Apple Cider Drinks With Alcohol

Apple cider alcoholic drinks show that cider isn't just for kids. These cocktails are delicious and can be fun to experiment with. Apple cider plays well with many different kinds of alcohol and a lot of other fruity flavors. You'll want to pick a cider that is not overly sweet, or it may throw off the balance of your beverages. You will also want to pick one with varying degrees of intensity depending on what you are looking for. A bold and flavorful cider may be good for certain drinks but overwhelming for others.

Whether you're making spiked cider during the holidays or a nice chilled apple margarita, the crisp and refreshing cider will be a great addition.

Spiked Apple Cider
Ingredients You Will Need:
1 ½ cups bourbon or rum
1 gallon apple cider
2 cinnamon sticks
4 cloves
2 allspice berries

Mix all the ingredients in a large pot, and set the heat to medium. Allow to come up almost to a simmer but not quite. If it boils the alcohol will begin to cook out, so make sure you monitor the temperature carefully. When it reaches your desired temperature, ladle into mugs and enjoy.

Try adding a ½ inch piece of ginger or some orange zest and juice for a different flavor profile. You can also add sugar for a sweeter drink.

Apple Daiquiri
Ingredients You Will Need:
1 cup plus ½ ounce apple cider
1 ½ ounces rum
½ ounce lime juice
Dash simple syrup

A few hours in advance, pour the cup of apple cider into an ice tray and freeze. When the cider is frozen, put the cubes into a shaker and add the remaining ingredients. Shake to combine and strain into a chilled glass. Using apple cider instead of water for the ice will prevent it from diluting the flavor of the final beverage.

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