How to Make Jello Shots

Want to know how to make Jello shots? They aren't just for college students and make for a playful party novelty, especially for summertime gatherings. The traditional Jello shot is made with vodka and red-colored Jello, but you can use any Jello or vodka flavor. All you'll need to have on hand is a package of Jello, vodka and Jello shot cups. Your guests will certainly not be disappointed once they've sampled some of your homemade shots.

The Process
Start by making your Jello the way you would do it normally. Follow the directions on the packet, and pour in about two cups of boiling water to the Jello mixture. The key to these vodka Jello shooters is to make sure that the mixture is completely dissolved into the water before you add in the liquor. Then, you'll need to take about two cups of vodka, and pour it into the bowl once the boiling water has cooled. Mix again to make sure the vodka is distributed evenly. Next, pour the mixture into Jello shot cups, and refrigerate for at least six hours. If you can't find any Jello shot cups, you can also make them in an ice cube tray and just pop them onto a platter to be passed around at the party.

Variations On The Jello Shot
The great part about Jello is how versatile it is. You can sample all the different flavors, and you can even mix and match them with your favorite flavored vodka. For example, you can try raspberry-flavored vodka with raspberry Jello. Or you could try orange-flavored vodka with lime Jello. You can also dream up certain Jello shots that taste like your favorite drinks and cocktails. Try orange Jello with vanilla vodka for a creamsicle Jello shot that your guests will love.

You can also stick small straws or Popsicle sticks to set into the Jello in the refrigerator. This way guests can have the Jello on a pop for easier consumption. However, keep in mind that alcohol does not freeze, so the Jello shot will never become completely solid.

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