Adding Creativity to Your Holiday Punch Recipe

While punch can easily be served for any holiday, Halloween and Christmas are the traditional holidays one thinks of when trying to come up with the perfect holiday punch recipe. You can get quite creative, utilizing festive decorations to enhance the presentation of your tasty holiday beverages for all of your holiday parties.

Christmas Punch
When creating a holiday punch bowl or specialty holiday beverages, such as eggnog, it's important to keep the punch cold. If your punch bowl can sit on top of a bed of ice, you'll have a better chance of keeping the ingredients cold, yet fresh and undiluted.

To keep the punch from becoming diluted, don't use ice cubes. Instead, make ice cubes out of the same juice used in the recipe. If you use Hawaiian Punch in your punch recipe, you may want to buy an extra can to create these ice cubes. Or you may choose to freeze chunks of fruit and use them in place of ice cubes.

If it doesn't matter if a little ice melts into the punch bowl, use a bundt cake pan to make a frozen wreath. Fill the bundt pan with juice and add green and red maraschino cherries, pineapple rings and citrus slices. Weave ribbons made out of lime rinds through the fruit pieces. Add a few clove-studded mini limes for a finishing touch. When you add the frozen wreath to your holiday punch bowl, the citrus will add to the flavor and the visual sensation will make you the hit of the party.

Halloween Punch
Halloween punch is perhaps the most fun to make because you can get creative and silly. You can use a witch's caldron, a hollowed pumpkin or a conventional holiday punch bowl to serve your holiday beverage. The advantage of using a witch's caldron is that you can add dry ice and hide it at the bottom of the caldron where the container won't be seen. If using dry ice, have an adult spoon out the punch. The fogging effect will be too much for little fingers to resist.

Ingredients You Will Need:
1 can fruit punch
1 can pineapple juice
1 2-liter bottle 7-Up
1 jar maraschino cherries

Mix ingredients together. To keep the punch from becoming flat, make it just before the party begins.

Items You Will Need For Punch Bowl:

  • 1 large pumpkin (You will need one large enough so that your punch bowl can set inside of it with about one to two inches of space between the wall of the pumpkin and the bowl)
  • 1 large glass bowl that will fit inside the pumpkin
  • An empty margarine tub or similar plastic dish with lid
  • Several chunks of dry ice
  • Surgical gloves
  • Ice cubes

The night before the party, fill the surgical gloves with fruit punch and place in freezer. Arrange the gloves so that the fingers are curved to give the hands a more life-like appeal.

While waiting for the hands to freeze, prepare the pumpkin. To carve the pumpkin into a punch bowl, simply cut off the top third of the pumpkin and discard the top. Once the pumpkin is gutted, clean the inside walls. You can also cut decorative designs into the rim of the pumpkin if you choose. Set the pumpkin aside.

How to Use Dry Ice in Punch
Take an empty margarine tub and poke holes around the sides about a half of an inch up from the bottom. The dry ice will be housed in this plastic container, which will be placed at the bottom of the pumpkin. The glass bowl, that will hold the punch, will be set on top of the plastic container. Before the party, make sure your pumpkin, dry ice container and punch bowl all fit together.

Always wear gloves when preparing dry ice. Dry ice can cause serious damage if touched. Pick up one piece of dry ice and insert it into the tub, wearing thick insulated gloves and using tongs. Once the ice is positioned in the tub, immediately replace the lid. When handling the tub, continue wearing the gloves. Because the plastic is thin, there is still potential risk from exposure. For added measure, tape the lid in place using duct tape.

Because the container will only hold a very small piece of dry ice, you may want to have several ready before the party begins. That way, when one piece of dry ice is completely melted, you can replace the tub with a fresh one.

Fifteen minutes before the party begins, set one of the margarine tubs in the bottom of the pumpkin and place ice cubes around it. This will form the base that the glass bowl will sit on inside of the pumpkin. As the ice cubes melt, the water will touch the dry ice and cause the vapor to rise.

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