Five Tips for Buying Electric Tea Kettles

Electric tea kettles are faster and more practical than tea kettles that have to be heated on the stove. They are pretty, stylish, and add a touch of fashion to any kitchen. Here are five tips for buying electric tea kettles for your kitchen or as a gift for someone special.


Electric tea kettles range in price from $20 to $180. As with most small kitchen appliances, there is no need to purchase the most expensive tea kettle unless you want to. By carefully examining the quality and reading reviews about the different styles and brands, you can choose an electric tea kettle from the lower-end of the price scale that will last for a long time and serve you well.

Ease of use

There are several things that will determine whether or not your tea kettle will be easy to use. Lift the kettle up to see how much it weighs. Some weigh as much as two pounds without any water in them.

Check to see if the clear part on the kettle is made of glass or plastic. Tea kettles with glass parts must be handled very carefully so the glass won't break. Overall, plastic is more practical and will last longer than glass.

How will you know when the water is actually boiling? Some electric tea kettles have an automatic shut off, while others have a bell. Clear tea kettles or ones with a clear opening allow you to see when the water begins to boil.


Perhaps the most important item to look for is whether or not the tea kettle will be easy to clean. Some kettles have small openings that you can't put your hand into and exposed elements on the bottom. Sealed elements and large top openings make tea kettles much easier to clean.

Measurement markings and size

You will need to decide if measurement markings are important to you. If they are, do you prefer them to be written in cups and ounces or in liters and milliliters? Some electric tea kettles have standard USA measurements, some have metric measurements, and some have both.

The size you purchase will also be important. Think about how you will use it and consider how much hot water you will need. Tea kettles range in size from 1.2 quarts to 1.75 quarts.

Manual and customer service

The manual is especially important if you have never had an electric tea kettle before and don't know how it works. Look for a model that has a manual that clearly explains how to use the item and that includes pictures if at all possible. Take the time to call the customer service number and see how long it takes before you can talk with a customer service representative. Ask about their warranties and how long it would take to get a replacement if something goes wrong.

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