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Iced green tea is quickly becoming the health-conscious beverage of choice and with good reason.  Packed with antioxidants, green tea is reputed to prevent cancer, lower blood sugar, speed up metabolism and reduce signs of aging. Green tea does all this while fighting infection and speeding recovery from illness. Even if it didn't taste wonderful (which it does, especially when sweetened with a bit of honey), the health benefits alone are enough to make you want to drink green iced tea 'round the clock.

You can prepare iced green tea in a similar manner as you would hot tea - boiling water, pouring the hot, but not still boiling, water over a couple of tea bags, letting it steep for four to five minutes and then pouring it over ice cubes - but most iced green tea purists cringe at the thought. Green tea aficionados suggest you brew your iced tea by placing several tea bags in a container of cold water and placing it in the refrigerator for 30 to 45 minutes, then add sweetener (honey, sugar or Splenda to taste), mix well and pour the green tea over ice.

There are several varieties of green tea available for sale. You may want to try peach green tea or another fruit flavored-tea. The fruit flavoring mingles beautifully with the natural flavor of the green tea. If you'd like to try Japanese or Chinese green tea, you will find it is sold by the leaf, in tea bags or as a powdered substance. Powdered green tea is simply mixed with cold water, sweetened and poured over ice cubes. It comes in a variety of flavors and is quite convenient since it works essentially as instant iced tea mix.

For those who are concerned about the amount of caffeine in green tea, it contains about half the caffeine in an equal amount of black tea and 1/4 the caffeine as a cup of coffee. However, it is also available as decaf green tea, with almost all of the caffeine removed.

Iced green tea is available already bottled, but these varieties are less healthful than fresh brewed green tea. To reap the maximum health benefits, brew your own tea and enjoy a tasty way to improve your health.

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If the only iced tea you drink is from a bottle you bought at the grocery store, or worse, a can, you'll be sorry you never learned how to brew iced tea before now. Home brewed iced tea is refreshing, invigorating and best of all, there are so many variations of this classic summertime beverage you can tantalize your taste buds while you're taking in the natural health benefits of the antioxidants that occur naturally in tea.

An inexpensive and simple alternative to store-bought herbal tea bags is to make your own homemade herbal teas, using herbs grown in your own backyard.

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There is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a glass of chilled sweet tea. Sweet tea has been a staple in the United States, especially in the southern states, since the 1800s. The iced tea we drink today, deliciously sweetened black tea, is very different from the first cold teas shared by tea lovers.

Hot and cold tea has been a popular beverage in many countries for many centuries. Said to be good for what ails you, tea brewed from black or green tea leaves is said to have antioxidant properties as well as some natural substances that may decrease the chances of some types of cancer. 

It is easy to make your own herbal drinks using infusions of herbs, spices and edible flowers from the farmers market, supermarket or your own backyard. Here are some combinations and flavorings to get you started.

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