How to Choose a White Wine

There is nothing more refreshing and palate-rejuvenating than a glass of white wine. Whether you're yearning for something sweet and fruity or complex and crisp-there is a lovely white wine varietal out there for you. Selecting just the right bottle is much easier and approachable than some connoisseurs suggest.

Do a bit of research

If you visit a library or local bookstore, you will find plenty of periodicals dedicated to the topic of wine. Peruse a copy when you have time to gain a little understanding. An even simpler approach is to surf the Web for ideas and types of wines that you think you might like. Getting a framework of reference will make buying wine much easier and, ultimately, more satisfying.

Chat up the liquor buyer

Your local liquor store is guaranteed to have a wine buyer who is happy to assist you in any way. It is his job to know all about wines and their characteristics and how to assist consumers in their purchase. Never be embarrassed to ask questions, discuss an event or food pairing, and/or explore your tastes with the buyer. Like most people who love their jobs, these professionals usually are extremely eager to talk about wines, and customers can learn so much this way.

A Quick Reference

  • In general, sweet, special wines like ice wine, Rieslings and chenin blancs are best with sweet dishes, such as dessert or cheese and fruit. Try a more unusual pairing by buying a Riesling for Taco Tuesday or Middle Eastern Monday.
  • Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio are typically crisp, dry wines that work perfectly with lighter fare. Salads, soft cheeses, pastas with cream sauce, fish, chicken and even pork dishes are all well complemented by these types of white wines.
  • Gewürztraminer is a full-bodied, aromatic, white wine that can stand up to some serious flavors. Try it with Asian dishes, pork, game, turkey and even some beef dishes. The variety ranges from sweet to dry to spicy. Make certain to ask for a few suggestions when you visit the liquor and wine shop.

Never underestimate your own palate. If you like it, it works. When learning how to choose a white wine, you should always take your own taste into consideration. There is nothing noble about selecting a textbook-perfect wine pairing only to grimace at every sip. Choosing a white wine should always be light-hearted, fun and delicious.

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