How to Fold Egg Rolls

Folding egg rolls can be somewhat of a challenge if you've never done it before. Once you have mastered the technique, you can make numerous egg rolls quickly and easily. You can use homemade egg roll wrappers or store bought wrappers. Wrappers are generally around six inches square, though some wrappers are cooked in a round sauté pan and form round wrappers. Both round and square egg roll wrappers can be folded using this method.

How to Fold Egg Rolls
Lay the egg roll wrapper on the counter in front of you with one of the corners toward you. Think of the corners (from top to bottom and running clockwise) as north, east, south and west.

Imagine a line from west to east. Put some egg roll filling just below the line, making sure to leave enough room towards the edges, so that the egg roll can be folded.

Fold the south corner straight up, partially covering the filling. Bring in the west and east corners to the center. The fold for west and east should make the sides of the egg roll perpendicular to the bottom. Tuck the filling into the pocket you just created.

Apply egg roll paste (see suggestions below) to the north flap. Bring the north flap down over the pocket and seal it over.

Create an Egg Roll Wrapper Paste
To make an egg roll wrapper paste, just use a well mixed egg yolk. You only need a dab on the point of the north corner to hold it down. If you are deep frying, you may not even need to use anything to keep it closed, as the hot grease will instantly seal the egg roll.

You can also use a paste made from cornstarch and water. Boil two parts water to one part cornstarch until it reaches a consistency like thick glue. Just put a dab on the north corner of the egg roll and fold it under to cook.

Variations on a Traditional Egg Roll Wrapper
If you are using round egg roll wrappers, you can use this same method to fold, leaving the corners rounded, or you can cut a square from the rounded egg roll.

For mini egg roll bites, just cut each egg roll wrapper into quarters and follow the same method.

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Egg roll recipes are easy, though time consuming, but the results are usually worth it. If you're short on time, skip making the wrappers and purchase pre-made wrappers at the store instead. Practice your folding technique a few times before making the first batch.

Egg rolls can be made from various ingredients and are great when served as a meal, as an appetizer or as a snack. Egg rolls are a delicious Asian food that vegetarians can enjoy, as they lend themselves to many different types of fillings.

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Let this pork egg roll recipe inspire your creativity. Egg Rolls lend themselves to being a creative dish. They can be served as a meal, as a side or as an appetizer.

If you use good fresh ingredients with plenty of flavor, and cook them to crispy perfection, you can make delicious egg rolls at home. The best part of this recipe is that it is baked, not fried, meaning you don't have to feel guilty afterwards.

The key to a making a success out of any egg roll recipe is to freeze the egg roll wrappers, whether store bought or homemade. Freezing makes them easier to work with and helps to keep them from breaking apart during cooking.

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