Stir Fry for the College Student: Cheap, Simple and Delicious

This is a great stir fry recipe for college students who have little money, but want something with flavor.


One package of Ramen noodles (flavor of choice)
1/4 cup soy sauce
Minced garlic
Red pepper flakes (optional)
Fresh or ground ginger (optional)
Frozen vegetables of choice
Meat of choice (choose the meat that matches flavor of the noodles. Skip this if going vegetarian.)
Vegetable oil

Use a wok or a Teflon pan for this stir fry. Heat up a little oil in the bottom of the pan. Vegetable oil is cheap, and it is only being used to cook things easier. No need to spend tons of money on olive oil.

Heat up some minced garlic with the oil to get the scent filling the air. Fresh garlic is cheap, but already canned minced garlic is cheap as well, does the job, and there is always a lot to use.

Set a pan of water to boil on the stove for the Ramen noodles.

Ready the meat of choice. If using chicken-flavored Ramen, use chicken. Beef for beef, pork for pork shrimp for shrimp. Cut the beef, pork or chicken into long slices, since that will cook quicker. A 1/4 a pound of meat is really all that is needed for one package of Ramen, but everyone likes their own amount of meat and vegetables, so just use as much as you like. Throw the pieces in the pan, turning them until all sides are just cooked.

The frozen vegetables can be of any kind, broccoli or mixed vegetables put together especially for stir fry. Choose what works or tastes best. Thawed or still frozen, it does not matter. Frozen just takes a little longer to cook. Toss some into the pan with the meat, again as much as wanted. The whole bag is overdoing it, though. Cook up the vegetables and finish cooking the meat together. Cover the wok or pan to let the vegetables steam a little.

Meanwhile, the water in the pan should be boiling by now, so go ahead and throw in the Ramen noodles.

Save the mix package that comes with the Ramen noodles because that is an important part of the stir fry recipe. The mix has most of the ingredients used in stir fry, only in powder form: garlic, ginger, and other seasonings. Dump the mix into a small bowl. Shake in enough red pepper flakes to add some heat. A little bit of ground ginger will add a stronger ginger flavor, but is not necessary. Then pour in about a 1/4 cup of soy sauce, just enough to cover the dry ingredients in the bowl. Whisk it together until the dry ingredients dissolve.

Check the Ramen noodles. They should be done now. Drain the water from them completely, and dump them into the wok with the meat and vegetables. Add the sauce and mix it up until everything is coated.

Serve the stir fry in a bowl, get the chopsticks and enjoy.

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