How to Freeze Apples

If you're tired of one bad apple spoiling the whole bushel, consider learning how to freeze apples. That way, you can enjoy the fruit all year long. Frozen apples may lose texture, but they do not lose their delicious flavor.

Choosing Good Apples for Freezing: When it comes to learning how to freeze fruit, common sense is your best friend. Pick firm apples, and make sure they are thoroughly washed. Washing will remove pesticides as well as dirt. Discard apples that have evidence of worms or blemishes. Once the apples have been washed, peel and core them, and then either freeze them whole or slice them into bite-size pieces.

Making Syrup: While your apples may be sweet enough on their own, freezing them in syrup will bring added sweetness to the fruit, help keep the apples from freezer burn and prevent the fruit from turning brown.

A good syrup mixture consists of two cups of sugar to three cups of water, plus half a teaspoon of ascorbic acid to prevent browning. If you want a higher or lower concentration of sugar, simply add more sugar to the ratio. About one cup of syrup per quart of apples is a good ratio.

Once your syrup is ready, sort, wash and peel the apples. Then slice them into freezer bags, pour syrup over them and close the bag.

To remove as much of the air from the bag as possible, insert the end of a drinking straw into the corner of the zippered bag, and place the other end in your mouth. Suck the air out, and immediately zip the bag. While fruits can be frozen indefinitely, for best taste apples should be eaten within one year, so go ahead and stock up on ingredients for apple pie or cobbler.

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