How to Make Quick and Easy Chicken Gravy From Scratch

How to make good tasting chicken gravy. There are various ways to make it and no one way is necessarily better. However this method is easy and as close to foolproof as you can get. It is adjusted to the amount of ingredients and the amount you need. This allows you to end up with exactly what you want each time but can still follow the same basic steps.

To start making chicken gravy, you will need to save the drippings. These are the pieces of fat and other remains after pan frying meat. You will need to remove the cooked chicken, leaving the drippings in the pan. If you are not pan frying your whole recipe, then you will need to add the following additional step.

Save out 1 or two pieces of chicken to fry. If you remove the skin from your chicken, add this to the fry pan. You want to get as much of the grease from the chicken as possible. Fry the chicken on medium heat until done. Remove the extra skin and discard. The actual pieces of chicken you used can be saved and added to the rest of the chicken or de-boned and torn up to add to the gravy. This depends on if you want chicken in your gravy or not. It is a personal choice that will not affect the outcome of the gravy.

In addition you will need the following ingredients to make chicken gravy:

  • milk
  • whisk for stirring
  • salt
  • pepper
  • boullion cube (optional)
  • flour

The amount of ingredients is determined by the amount of drippings you have.

You should have your drippings in a skillet over medium heat. Slowly add the flour while stirring the gravy, keep adding until all of the grease is soaked up and it starts to appear dry. Remember to keep whisking the whole time or as much as possible to prevent burning.

Now start adding your milk, usually add at least 2 cups. You can add more if you want more gravy. you will simply have to cook it a little longer.

Keep whisking as the ingredients cook. Try to keep the temperature fairly medium.

Now add your salt and pepper and stir in, tasting as you go. There no real correct amount, just go with what you think tastes good.

When the gravy gets as thick as you like you are done. If you think you need more just add more milk and continue whisking until thick.

Hint: If you want a large amount of gravy adding a chicken flavored bouillon cube will add more flavor.

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