How to Make Mushroom Tea

Soothing mushroom teas often incorporate either green or black tea and can be made out of any great-tasting mushroom. If you love tea and you love a particular mushroom, make a batch up for yourself tonight, and relax with a hot mug in your hand.

Soothing Delicious Mushroom Tea
Ingredients You Will Need:
1 or 2 mushrooms, chopped fine (choose a mushroom that is flavorful)
1 coffee filter
1 glass of hot water
Green or black tea
1 mug

Pour a cup of hot water into a tea kettle to boil. While the water is heating, wash the mushrooms. Don't use any mushrooms with blemishes. Dry the mushrooms with a paper towel, and then chop them into fine bits. Place the mushrooms into the coffee filter, and set aside.

When the water reaches the boiling stage, pour a cup of hot water into the mug. Immediately place the tea bag into the mug and also the coffee filter, making sure the top of the filter does not fall into the water and release the mushroom bits. (Tying the coffee filter on the top with a small rubber band will keep the bag closed.)

Steep the bags in the water until the desired flavor and color has been reached.

Medicinal Mushroom Tea
Some mushroom teas claim to help everything from cancer to headaches. This tea, originally used in Asia, has been touted as a miracle drink by those who use it and claim it has helped cure them of various ailments. While there is no data available to back these claims, you may want to look into companies that sell different types of mushrooms if you are interested in alternative medicine.

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