Worldwide Omelet Variations

From the Italian frittata and the Spanish tortilla de patatas to the Iranian khagine and the Japanese tamagoyaki, omelet variations are a popular and simple dietary staple worldwide. At their most basic, omelets consist of beaten eggs, butter or oil and salt and pepper. Cheese, vegetable and meat fillings are optional extras. Here's a look at the international A to Z of omelets


It's a Dutch farmer's omelet with bell peppers, leeks, mushrooms and onions added to the egg mix. In southern Germany and Austria, the Bauernomelette variation leaves out the peppers and leeks and replaces them with boiled potatoes and smoked bacon. Herbs, tomatoes and cornichons (pickled cucumbers or gherkins) might also be ingredients.

Desi masala

This Indian omelet contains spices added to vegetable fillings. Cumin, turmeric, chopped green chilies, onion and coriander are popular additions. Besan Chilla is a regional dish often described as an eggless omelet made with chickpea flour batter.

Denver omelet

Diced ham, onions and green bell peppers are the primary filling of a Denver omelet. Whether cooked plain and wrapped around the fillings or prepared with the filling cooked into the egg, it usually has a cheese topping.

Egg foo young

It's a Chinese omelet that might contain barbecued pork, chicken, strips of beef, shrimp or tofu. Mushrooms, onions, water chestnuts and bean sprouts are often additional ingredients. For best results, mix vegetables into the egg mix before cooking, serve over rice, and pour a soy sauce thickened with cornstarch over the top.

French omelet

This is a thin omelet cooked separately from the vegetable or meat fillings, usually with a little water added to the egg. Add the fillings to the pan once it's cooked, and fold the omelet around them before serving.


The Italian frittata combines meats, cheese, vegetables and even cooked pasta with eggs before adding them to the pan and cooking the mixture slowly over an open flame on low heat.


A khagine is an Iranian omelet with pepper and tomatoes.

Matzah brei

This crispy, heavy omelet contains crumbled matzo (flatbread) added to the egg mix, sometimes with milk and sugar.


The inclusion of flour and rice flour in the egg batter makes this more pancake than omelet. However, the addition of green onions, meat, shellfish or vegetables puts it in the omelet camp.

Swiss omelet

Cook the eggs first, add fillings to the top and finish under a grill. This omelet often has a cheese topping.


Cut this Japanese deep-dish omelet into cubes before serving it with rice and a dipping sauce. Diners eat it with chopsticks.

Telur dadar

This Malaysian or Indonesian omelet has chilies and onion. Serve it with rice.


This Filipino breakfast omelet has sweet or sour fillings, which might include raisins, corned beef, eggplant and potatoes. The torta can be eaten alone or with garlic fried rice and banana ketchup.

Tortilla de patatas

This Spanish omelet usually includes fried potatoes, onions, bell peppers, diced ham and cheese.

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