How to Make Microwave Scrambled Eggs

Once you learn how to make microwave scrambled eggs, you may never go back to making them on the stovetop. You just need to follow some words of caution so you'll get a good meal with a minimum of fuss.

Microwave scrambled eggs should always be placed in microwavable dishes with the cover lightly placed over the top of the dish. Never secure the lid. If steam is not allowed to escape the pressure will pop the lid and the scrambled eggs will explode in the microwave or worse, in your face as you open the door, which can be very dangerous.

Basic Microwave Scrambled Eggs
All you need are non-stick spray, two eggs, ¼ cup milk and a little salt and pepper. The only utensils you'll need will be a microwaveable dish with a lid, plus a fork or whisk. Crack the eggs into a microwaveable dish that has already been seasoned with non-stick vegetable spray. Add the milk and whisk, or use the fork to whip the eggs until the milk, yolks and whites have blended. Sprinkle some salt and pepper into the dish.

Then cover the dish. This is where it gets tricky. Do not use plastic wrap to cover the dish. Plastic wrap molecules do not hold up well under heat. If the plastic wrap gets too hot, particles can actually melt into the egg mixture, and you'll be eating dangerous chemicals.

Pop the mixture into the microwave, and cook for about 30 seconds. Some of the egg mixture will be done by this point, but some will still be raw. Very carefully remove the dish, and stir the eggs lightly. Place the dish back into the microwave for about 10 seconds, and then check again. Stir once more, and return to the microwave for another 10 seconds. The eggs should be completely done by now. Do not overcook, or they will burn or be extremely dry and feel like rubber and taste much worse!

Here's a twist on the basic egg recipe:

Savory Microwave Scrambled Eggs

Ingredients You Will Need:
4 eggs
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon green onions, chopped
1 tablespoon cheddar cheese, grated
1 teaspoon rosemary, crushed

Freshly ground black pepper
Sea salt
1tablespoon salsa

Place the eggs into a microwaveable cup or dish, and whip until frothy. (If you want to add milk to make them fluffier, add about ¼ cup of milk at this point.) Melt the butter and add it to the egg mixture, along with the rosemary. Stir the eggs, and then place the dish into the microwave, and set a lid on top.

Cook for 30 seconds, and then remove and stir. Add the onion and cheese, and return to the microwave for about 10 seconds before checking a second time. If need be, stir the scrambled eggs, and return for another 10 seconds. Season with salt and pepper, or add a tablespoon of salsa.

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A good scrambled eggs recipe is breakfast staple and for good reason: Eggs are nutritious and taste good. Serve them up with a side of toast and bacon or ham, and you have yourself a gourmet breakfast. Don't limit yourself to serving them just for breakfast. Add a few ingredients like cheese, ham and mushrooms and you have a hearty and nutritious dinner. The trick to making any scrambled egg meal special is to know how to cook them to perfection.

Once you have experienced French style scrambled eggs, mornings will never be the same. While Americans simply whip a few eggs together with a fork, slop them into a pan on high heat and flip them once or twice, the French coddle their eggs, coaxing the best possible tastes from them, making sure the most romantic textures are created and then delicately placing the soft, creamy treasure onto a plate.

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What appears to be a simple soft boiled egg recipe can be deceiving. Most cooks don't realize that even this simple task requires attention. Unfortunately, it's easy to over-boil an egg. This will cause the egg to become rubbery, not to mention the yolk will be hard-boiled.

The ever versatile egg is the basis for quiches, omelets, casseroles and a wonderfully inventive dish called a frittata. A frittata can be eaten not only for breakfast, but for lunch or dinner as well. It is a great way to use up all of those leftovers in your refrigerator. 

Eggs don't have to be plain. In fact, eggs are more versatile than any other food and can be used for any meal of the day. They are the perfect protein, are easily digested and come quite inexpensively.

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