The Best Frugal Kitchen Products

Arm yourself with the right frugal kitchen products, and your kitchen will be a source of savings for your family. Here are several great products to consider adding to your kitchen arsenal:

Foaming dish soap
Normally new products just mean more expensive products, but foaming dish soap is an exception. This product uses a special dispenser to turn dish soap into foam lather, thereby reducing the amount of soap required to do dishes. To maximize the savings, skip the expensive foaming refills and make your own refills by diluting regular dish soap.

Cookie scoop
Make baking more economical by adding a cookie scoop to your gadget drawer. Cookie scoops come in several sizes, and most feature a spring-loaded handle for easy release.

How will a scoop save you money? First, it will help you to avoid waste. With a scoop it's easy to get every last bit of dough out of the bowl, and since the scoop keeps the cookies uniform in size, you can also be confident that the cookies will bake at the same rate-forget about having to toss a few over-baked cookies.

Cookie scoops are also a great time saver. With a scoop you'll be able to prepare cookies more quickly. Who doesn't need a few extra minutes in the day?

Reusable muffin cups
If you like the convenience and look of paper or foil muffin cups but are tired of shelling out money for them, reusable muffin cups are for you. Made of silicon, reusable muffin cups are durable and resistant to high temperatures. They'll keep your muffins and cupcakes from sticking to the pan-just like disposable cups-but can be used again and again. Plus, with all of the fun colors they come in, you won't even miss your old disposables.

Oil sprayer
Skip the overpriced cooking sprays and get a reusable oil sprayer instead. Available through most cooking stores, an oil sprayer will allow you to choose what type of oil to use and can be refilled as needed. The built-in pump on the sprayer will ensure that you get the same mist of oil that you would expect from an aerosol-based cooking spray, without all of the nasty chemicals.

Knife sharpener
A good set of kitchen knives is an investment and deserves to be treated like one. If you don't already own one, purchase a knife sharpener and get in the habit of sharpening your knives regularly. It's a simple strategy that will extend the life of your knives.

Is your kitchen a source of savings for your family? Evaluate the products that you use in your kitchen and decide. Then challenge yourself to find more ways to save.

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