Kitchen Essentials for Fast Food Prep

It's a treat these days to enjoy a home-cooked meal. Not only is home cooking delicious, it is inexpensive and far healthier than grab-and-go or restaurant meals. Kitchen essentials for fast food prep are crucial for making home cooking a regular part of your routine.

Heavy-duty foil and parchment paper

Lining cake pans with circles of parchment make for easy removal of cakes and breads. A sheet of aluminum foil on a cookie sheet saves serious cleanup after a messy broiling job. Grilling with foil will save you the nasty task of scraping the grates clean.

Sharpened knives

Struggling to cut a tomato or onion with a blunt knife is frustrating but also hazardous. Blunt knives are more likely to cause prep-related cuts than sharp ones, because the extra exertion can make the knife slip. Even if you manage to avoid cutting yourself, you end up with a mess that cannot be used for your recipe, which is a time and money waster.

It's worth investing in set of high-quality knives that you'll appreciate every day. To help them stay sharper longer, store them carefully (a wood knife block is ideal) and never wash them in the dishwasher.

Immersion blender

If you are a fan of soups, sauces and gravies, the immersion blender is your best friend. No need to transfer that roasted pumpkin simmering in a stockpot full of broth, just dip the immersion blender right in the pot and blend into a creamy, wholesome treat. Sauces and gravies are quickly de-lumped with no muss or fuss.

Food processor

A good food processor is the workhorse of the kitchen. Store it on your counter. It deserves this prominent spot, and you will use it much more often. Dicing loads of veggies for meatloaf or kneading dough will be a much easier task if you can pour and process the ingredients in a snap.

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