What's the Best Oven for My Kitchen?

An oven is the center of the kitchen. It is where the meals are cooked and where the family gathers, hovering over the stew pot. Most modern ovens use gas or electric as fuel, and that is the first factor to consider when deciding which is the best oven for your kitchen.

Gas or electric

If your neighborhood is not plumbed for gas, electric may be your only option. If it is, then you have two choices. Many cooks prefer gas because the ovens are easy to control as the temperature can be adjusted more quickly. Gas ovens do not heat as evenly, however, so bakers tend to prefer an electric oven for more even heat. Some ranges are built with gas burners and electric ovens, which offer the best of both worlds.

Convection ovens

Convection ovens have become popular in recent years. They cook food evenly by forcing air through the oven. They also cook foods more quickly, and therefore save on heating and electric bills. Modern ranges are now being supplied with convection ovens under gas or electric heating elements. There are also stand-alone convection ovens that can be placed on the counter top, or built into a cabinet. Some microwave ovens have a convection option, too.

Toaster ovens

Toaster ovens are small ovens usually set on the counter top. These can be used to cook small meals and save energy. They do tend to dry out the food and can't be used with plastic containers, as microwaves can. They are convenient to use for reheating food or making small, sandwich-type meals.

Microwave ovens

Microwaves were invented by Raytheon Corp. They cook food quickly without drying. However, they are small and cannot take a large cooking utensil. Metal pots cannot be used in microwave ovens; however plastic and ceramic can, making this a good choice for those who use convenience foods.

There are many types of ovens, and the best choice is the one that suits your cooking style.

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