Recipes Made for the Mixer

Mixers can create a wide variety of foods. The most common use of mixers is to blend ingredients-for instance, when mixing ingredients for a cake batter-but you can make entire meals in a mixer, from entrees to desserts. Here are some recipe ideas made for the mixer.


Homemade sausages are easy to make in a mixer by adding the various meats and spices and then mixing to the desired consistency. You can create cheese fillings for ravioli or lasagna. Soups, such as gazpacho, are easy dishes that use the mixer's strengths to create meals in a small amount of time. Cream soups are another easy option, using cooked vegetables such as carrots, acorn squash, potatoes or leeks. You can create vegetable entrees, such as pureed spinach, by blending steamed the vegetable, flour and eggs.


Pancakes or waffles, and even applesauce, can begin by combining ingredients in the mixer. For the latter, just add the cooked apples and mix until done. Mixers also can create delicious homemade butters to add to these tasty breakfast favorites.

Breads and cakes

Make breads and cakes in a mixer by combining the dry ingredients, then slowly adding the wet ingredients, such as eggs and milk. Some recipes call for beating eggs to a light froth before adding to the dry ingredients.


You can whip up many desserts in a mixer, as well. Cookie dough is commonly blended with a mixer, as is dessert batter. Whip cream in the mixer using cooled, whole cream. Ice cream is another favorite dessert for which a mixer eases preparation. Just add the flavoring ingredients, such as strawberries or chocolate (or both!), and ice cubes or frozen milk. Sweeten to taste, and mix until blended. The mixture may need additional freezing after blending; the heat from the blender can melt the ingredients.

Snacks and drinks

A quick salsa adds spice to many meals. Just add the ingredients to the mixer and mix to the desired consistency. Frozen drinks can be blended in the mixer as well as in a blender. Creating margaritas and frozen daiquiris is easy. Fruit smoothies are a quick snack or meal replacement, easily prepared by blending fresh or frozen fruit with yogurt or ice cubes.

The handy, versatile mixer can help you create a wide variety of menu items, limited only by your creativity.

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