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Popular Articles
Because it helps to make treats that are sweet, moist and high in fiber and fat, shredded coconut meat is the perfect addition in your next coconut bread recipe. Though packaged coconut can be used in this bread recipe, fresh coconut meat that you've grated with your own hands will make this bread an even more delectable treat.
By Helen Polaski
For a new twist on Mexican chicken recipes, crumble up a cup or so of everyone's favorite snack foods like Doritos or Fritos. Creamed soups also make a big splash in chicken recipes.
By Helen Polaski
Chinese walnut shrimp is one of the most popular shrimp dishes in Asia. If you're cooking shrimp in this way, you'll need to remember that honey is the secret ingredient.
By Kristen Oliveri
This elegant dish requires only a few ingredients and nearly no preparation time. The strawberry's natural sweetness and bright flavor shines through, making this an exceptional dessert.
Add a little pizzazz to your next party with this easy grilled shrimp recipe. Simply add grilled shrimp, corn and lemongrass to a crispy pita cup. You are sure to impress your guests with this refreshing and tasty treat.
By Nicole Henderson Auger
For coffee lovers, there's little better than starting the day with a perfect cup of coffee. The act of making coffee may seem simple, but really, brewing your perfect cup of coffee is more of an art. Start by investing in quality equipment, knowing your palate and how to select, store and brew your favorite beans.
By Lisa Bower
Even amateur bartenders can make this cocktail.
By Diane Quinn
Canning meat is a process best left to the professionals. No matter how careful home canners are, because of the bacteria found in soil and on vegetables, fruits and meat (as well as possible cross contamination from a seemingly clean kitchen), there is always a chance of bacteria forming.
By Helen Polaski
Tapioca pudding, a popular dessert in America, is made from the root starch of the cassava plant native to Brazil. You can buy it pre-made, but you can also add the flavors you like if you make it at home.
By Helen Polaski
The key to a good mustard egg salad recipe is using ingredients that complement one another. This mustard egg salad includes ingredients that might work well on a sandwich or on top of hard-boiled eggs.
By Helen Polaski
Want to know how to make vodka infusions? You can impress cocktail party guests with some surprising flavors that you won't find at the liquor store.
By Helen Polaski
This quick and easy dessert recipe is a one pot dessert, simple to prepare and very versatile. Once cooked, it will last for up to seven days in the refrigerator.
By Nancy Berkoff RD, EdD, CCE
Biodynamic agriculture is a type of organic farming with a level of spiritualism thrown in the mix. Biodynamic wines, or BD wines, are made from grapes grown in the biodynamic manner.
By Laura Evans
Chocolate macaroons are always a crowd pleaser among hungry friends and family looking for a sweet treat. There are a few different ways to tackle making these delicious cookies, and one way doesn't even involve an oven.
By Kristen Oliveri
For some, there is nothing like going outside and preparing a delicious feast on a large propane grill. These people spend most of their summer grilling up hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, chicken, and anything else that will cook well on the grill.
By Grace Alexander
Really, there aren't many dishes that a batch of hot homemade gravy can't improve upon: It's great with everything from vegetables to turkey.
By Lisa Bower
This hearty Irish stew will warm you up on a winter's night.
A great way to enjoy making a simple recipe for bruschetta for guests at a cocktail party is to let them assemble it themselves. Make your own bruschetta and store it in a large serving bowl. Then you can either put toasted slices of bread or crackers around the dip to allow guests to help themselves. This dish does not get soggy and can be left out for the duration of a party.
By Kristen Oliveri
Making peppermint bark is simple and very inexpensive. It is always a hit at holiday parties and throughout the winter.
By Lindsey Renuard
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