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By Alexandra Heep
A venison recipe for burgers can have dry, tough and gamey results, but they do not have to be this way. Try these two recipes for moist, tender, flavorful venison burgers.
By Rachel Mork
A recipe for lemon squares creates a refreshing snack thanks to their zesty citrus flavor. Lemon squares are perfect for an after-party pick-me-up, they are easy to make and you can transport them easily.
By Helen Polaski
Bay Scallops are smaller and sweeter-tasting the scallops found in the ocean. These "Bay Scallops" are normally harvested in shallow bay areas of the Gulf of Mexico or any area that offers scallops.
By jellis
Tamale recipes are among the most traditional of all Mexican recipes. They feature three layers: A filling, a shell of dough and a corn husk wrapper. With the corn husk, the tamale always stands out.
By Helen Polaski
Aside from the cooking technology, there are a lot of features to consider when buying your next microwave oven.
Choosing the right ice cream maker for your needs is essential, as it will dictate the three key aspects of making ice cream: level of involvement, time and space requirements.
Discover the major differences in taste and texture between these two popular desserts.
By Stephanie Banfield
This stew dish is a fantastic way to use up several different vegetables at once.
A good scrambled eggs recipe is breakfast staple and for good reason: Eggs are nutritious and taste good. Serve them up with a side of toast and bacon or ham, and you have yourself a gourmet breakfast. Don't limit yourself to serving them just for breakfast. Add a few ingredients like cheese, ham and mushrooms and you have a hearty and nutritious dinner. The trick to making any scrambled egg meal special is to know how to cook them to perfection.
By Denise Oliveri
Gift jars filled with wonderful concoctions are the perfect gift for any of your family members or friends. Hot chocolate recipes have been one of the hottest and most enjoyed sensations to be put inside one of them. The beauty of a gift jar filled with hot chocolate mix is that hot chocolate mix recipes can be changed and rearranged to fit anyone's style and taste.
By Helen Polaski
Learning how to clean a fish is easier than you might think. With a few basic tips, you'll be cleaning like a pro in no time.
By Helen Polaski
As the saying goes, "Doctor it up", makes a perfect meal that is simple, quick, and delicious.
By Chef Lisa
If you have taken a look at ice cream recipes, you will notice salt is required. This seemingly unusual ingredient is key to a good result.
By Lauren Bove
Making delicious bruschetta at home can be quick and easy. It has everything to do with choosing fresh ingredients, experimenting with seasonings and keeping it simple.
By Diane Quinn
This pot roast has the usual ingredients, like onion and carrots, plus a secret weapon--2 cups of red wine.
You can find a simple hot and sour soup recipe, but it's still going to take some time to make. In fact, you might want to make the soup early and freeze it. 
By Kristen Oliveri
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