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Ravioli dough recipes are so simple even a child could prepare them. In fact, you should try teaching your children how to create this special family dish. Everyone will learn from the experience, and your children will love helping Mom.
By Helen Polaski
Give the classic boiled ravioli a twist by dropping the raviolis in hot oil instead of water. Deep-fried ravioli is just as light on the inside, but crunchy and golden outside.
By Aaron Baer Harsha
You can have lasagna without wrecking your diet with a low carb lasagna recipe. No longer do your layered cheese and meat needs have to go unfulfilled.
By Kristen Oliveri
Personalize your homemade pizza with fresh, delicious toppings for a great tasting and healthy meal.
By thewritesisters
It's not difficult to learn how to make bruschetta and you can jazz up a basic recipe with just about any ingredient you want. Because an easy bruschetta is on everyone's menu as a delectable Italian appetizer, here is one that will intoxicate your guests.
By Kristen Oliveri
If you love pasta, then you know there's seemingly no end to the different pasta sauces you can make to dress this dinnertime mainstay. Invented by the Chinese but perfected by the Italians, perfectly cooked pasta accompanied by fresh, homemade pasta sauces hits the mark every time.
By Rachel Mork
Lasagna is a well-known and loved Italian recipe, which for generations mothers taught their children to make. It takes about five hours prep and bake, and the result is very delicious, a favorite amongst all.
By Beccalynn
Where did pasta come from? Some say China, some say Italy. Both are correct. In 1279 a Genoese soldier listed as part of his estate inventory, "una bariscella plena de macronis" (dried pasta). The Chinese are known to have been eating a starchy product made from breadfruit as early as 3000 BC.
By Cheryl Bowman
A good oyster risotto will give you a brand-new favorite oyster dish. While many people love eating oysters from the shell, oyster risottos pair the shellfish with new and delicious ingredients.
By Kristen Oliveri
There's nothing like a plate of al dente pasta smothered in a fresh marinara sauce, topped with shaved Parmesan cheese and accompanied by a green salad and piece of garlic toast. A good marinara sauce is easy to create and even easier to enjoy.
By Rachel Mork
A spinach lasagna recipe is a simple dish to whip up for vegetarians and veggie lovers alike. To cut your time in half, you could use a prepared pasta sauce from the store, or make your own quick marinara sauce.
By Kristen Oliveri
If you're looking to whip up a simple pasta dish that will satisfy and delight the taste buds, pasta carbonara is for you. The meal is simple and easy and can be dressed up depending on which type of meat you wish to include.
By Kristen Oliveri
Homemade pizza is not only delicious, it's frugal. The trick is to learn how to make homemade pizza dough that rivals the pros.
By MRaasay
Mozzarella in carroza was one of the first Italian appetizers I learned how to cook. It's simple to assemble, quick-cooking and delicious. Unlike fried mozzarella, which can be found on many Italian menus, this is the more traditional fried mozzarella sandwich.
By Pat Kennelly
In recent years, these pressed sandwiches have exploded in popularity. Applying pressure to the outside while you cook them creates a crispy exterior, and a warm, gooey interior.
By Aaron Baer Harsha
Butternut squash ravioli is an excellent pasta dish for diabetics or those who are interested in watching their waistlines. With only 82 calories per serving, and no fat, squash is low in calories and filled with plenty of good-for-you nutrients.
By Helen Polaski
Almost everyone loves pizza. Instead of calling the local pizzeria and ordering a pie, you can easily make your own pizza at home.
By A. E. Freeman
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