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Good luck food is found in traditions across the globe. The idea of good luck food, and its consumption, unites cultures that range from China to Italy to the American South.
By Janet Grischy
There's nothing like a plate of al dente pasta smothered in a fresh marinara sauce, topped with shaved Parmesan cheese and accompanied by a green salad and piece of garlic toast. A good marinara sauce is easy to create and even easier to enjoy.
By Rachel Mork
By Aisling Ashbery
Making pizza at home is easier than you might think. It takes a bit more time than ordering in, but the delicious oven-fresh results are well worth the extra time and effort.
By Jenney Cheever
A good oyster risotto will give you a brand-new favorite oyster dish. While many people love eating oysters from the shell, oyster risottos pair the shellfish with new and delicious ingredients.
By Kristen Oliveri
A great vegetable lasagna recipe combines alfredo sauce, veggies and a delicious cheese. Try experimenting with the veggies, like zucchini, asparagus, eggplant, mushrooms and tomatoes.
By Kristen Oliveri
Almost everyone loves pizza. Instead of calling the local pizzeria and ordering a pie, you can easily make your own pizza at home.
By A. E. Freeman
There is nothing like a delicious plate of penne pasta with vodka sauce. You can serve this vodka sauce recipe for a family dinner or as a meal for a small friendly gathering. Be sure to prepare hot garlic bread to serve alongside this creamy treat.
By Nicole Henderson Auger
For vegetarian friends who love the taste of Italian food, but tend to shy away from the meat filling, why not try whipping up an eggplant lasagna recipe. It's perfect for dinner parties and even the voracious carnivores of the bunch will be pleased with this veggie dish.
By Kristen Oliveri
Good cooks know, you can't create a dish that is robust and flavorful without the addition of herbs and spices. Though many cooks prefer fresh herbs, there is a place in every kitchen for dried herbs as well. Here are a few tips for using dried herbs and a few favorites to purchase or grow in your very own Italian herb garden.
By Patricia Kennelly
By Stephanie Banfield
The key to any classic beef lasagna recipe is the cheese. Don't be afraid to be generous and even throw in an extra handful here and there to have the lasagna bubbling with cheese when it's ready to be served to your guests.
By Kristen Oliveri
If you're like me you love pizza but not the calories. You want a healthier crust and a guilt-free, nutritious pizza that still tastes delicious.
Bruschetta can also be served as a final course and we've got a good recipe for bruschetta with strawberries for you to try.
By Kristen Oliveri
Lasagna doesn't have to be the high-fat dish many people are accustomed to. In fact, it's easy to lower the fat in this Italian dish. After all, no one said you had to use pasta noodles. It's also incredibly easy to make vegetarian lasagna using a variety vegetables.
By Amy Brantley
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