How to Make Tuna Casserole

You will not believe how good this tastes. One reason singles have trouble with recipes is most require many different cans and ingredients. Throwing out the waste from the refrigerator is a sign that money is also being wasted. You also have to be a master at fractions as you attempt to divide everything in the recipe by four. This simple, easy recipe saves you the trouble. If, though, there is more than one person get a conventional pan. You'll find that multiplying by the number of people is a lot easier for this recipe than taking a large recipe and cutting it down.


Can of tuna

Small potato chip bag

Small can of green peas

1/2 can of mushroom soup (regular condensed)

Optional toast and tablespoon of oil

If you have caught the fish, then you will almost be eating on $1 a day. Otherwise, this is still an amazing simple easy cheap meal. The ingredients have to be the most basic you have ever seen and you can store them in a dorm room. You can even use a toaster oven and a small aluminum loaf pan. Take one small can of peas or half a can of regular peas. Use half a can of mushroom soup. Get a small bag of potato chips. Cook the tuna if you have just caught it but a can of tuna is how it is conventionally made. Drain the can of tuna fish by either turning it over on a plate once the can has been opened or placing a plate over the top of the can to hold back the tuna as you angle the can down while the liquid drains underneath. Drain the peas. Layer half the potato chips, tuna and peas and then cover with mushroom soup. Repeat. You can add some toasted bread crumbs with a spray of oil on top if you want.

A toaster oven has a temperature of 350 degrees and you can cook your casserole in 30 minutes. If you buy the can of tuna, you have a fairly hearty 1000 calories for only $2.00. Add some sweet tea for 10 cents and two slices of toasted garlic bread for twenty cents more and you have 1600 calories for the day. This could work well for avoiding the fast food lines and allow you to continue an allnighter to study for finals.

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The process of making casseroles dates back as far as the 1700s when meats were cooked within sealed pastry shells so natural juices tenderized the meat. The technique hasn't changed that much over the years, though casseroles did seem to fall out of culinary favor in the 1980s.

Breakfast casserole recipes are great for Christmas morning or the day after a big celebration. Make the casserole recipes the night before and pop them into the oven first thing in the morning. You can return to bed until the timer rings.

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If you're cooking for two, potato casserole recipe can be your best friend. To begin with, casseroles are the mother of all comfort foods. 

On cold, blustery, winter days, casseroles rank high on the list of  warm hearty dinners. Classic tuna casserole recipes are among the tastiest of the bunch. Not only are tuna casserole recipes one-dish meals, but a casserole can be delivered from the oven to the table, eliminating the need for additional dishes, which also means easier clean up.

Warm meals, fresh from the hearth, have pacified families for centuries. Comfort food, along with thoughts of home, has also found a place in our society. Pasta casserole recipes have brought both forms of comfort together in a dish that has the ability to take you back home again within the first big bite.

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