The Best Way to Make Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder, simple and tasty.


It is always good to gather and prepare the ingredients ahead of heat or cook time until

familiar with the recipe and method.


Ingredients and method:


In a heavy bottomed pot:



4 tble spoons bacon fat


Add and saute until soft:

1 tble spoon finely chopped carrots


Then add and saute until translucent:

2 tble spoons finely chopped onion

3 tble spoons finely chopped celery


Next season the vegetables with:

1 tble spoon coarse ground kosher salt

1/2 tble spoon fresh cracked pepper

1/2 tble spoon fresh minced garlic

1 tble spoon fresh finely chopped thyme


Add and saute just until heated:

2 12 oz cans of chopped sea clams, without the liquid


Once the above ingredients are nicely cooked, being sure the vegetable are tender add

3 tble spoons of flour to absorb the fat. 


Move the vegetables and clams gently with the flour urn until the flour has absorbed the fat and heat for 5 minutes. This removes any flavor the flour might add. Once the roux is ready:


Add to the hot roux:

8 to 12 oz of clam broth, depending upon the flavor preference. Be sure the liquid is cold. This ensures that there is no clumping or lumping. 

Be gentle though with all the ingredients. Moving the product too much mashes the vegetables and toughens the clams.


Once all the above in mixed nicely and smooth:


2 quarts of heavy cream. 

Move the mixture enough to keep the clam chowder from sticking to the bottom of the pot.




Simmer until the chowder until the cream bubbles up, twice, it is one reduced and as thick as it will be until you refrigerate it, weather as a leftover, or as an item prepared a day in advance. 


If you are serving immediately upon completion,  adjust the thickness to your liking with cream or clam broth.


If you are to re heat the creamy chowder another time, you will most likely en to thin it a bit. 


This is a good chowder to serve garnished with zested lemon.






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New England clam chowder has been a staple for centuries. Back when the settlers arrived in New England, it was not uncommon for people to make a chowder from pork fat, flour, milk and any leftover seafood that could be found to create a meal that would fill you up and keep you warm on a cold, wet night. Today these recipes have been honed into creamy clam chowders that are so rich and heavy, they are often served as main entrées instead of appetizers.

Clam chowder is one of the heartiest dishes you can serve during the winter because it's a dish that warms the soul. Unfortunately, many people turn to canned clam chowder. Although there are many brands that are quite tasty, nothing stands up to the taste of homemade clam chowder.

A New England clam bake is not a meal you'd prepare for one or two people. It's an all-day event or party perfect for celebrating a family reunion or a gathering of friends on the beach. While you can cut corners and try this in your kitchen, clam bakes are typically held on the beach and served on wooden picnic tables lined with butcher paper. A clam bake is a party of finger foods cooked on the beach.

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