Making Your Own Crab Rangoon

Making your own crab rangoon can be tricky. While the filling is easy to make, folding it up and frying it without the centers bursting can be challenging. This creamy, delicious appetizer is worth learning how to make. Give it a whirl. Your guests will be impressed and you'll be proud of yourself for tackling this yummy treat.

While you can purchase pre-cooked crab from the grocery store, fresh cooked crab is the best. Purchase eight to ten live blue crabs or three to four live Dungeness crabs. Bring a large pot of water to a boil and place the live crabs into the boiling water. Cover the pot and boil crabs until cooked. It will take approximately eight minutes for blue crabs and approximately 15 to 20 minutes for Dungeness crabs. When crabs are cooked (shells should be red), remove them from water and plunge them into a bin of cold water to cool.

When crabs are cool enough to handle, clean the crabs. You will want to use a pair of kitchen shears to remove the heads, apron, gills and legs. Crack open the crabs and use a lobster pick to remove the meat. Keep the meat cold. You can place it in a bowl sitting inside another bowl filled with ice. You'll want to use the crabmeat for the crab rangoon the same day you cook it. Using it within a couple of hours is preferable. If you are storing crabmeat in the refrigerator before making crab rangoon, cover the crabmeat with saran wrap to prevent it from absorbing odors in the fridge.

Classic Crab Rangoon (Fried)

Ingredients You Will Need:
Wonton wrappers
1 pound crabmeat
4 ounces cream cheese, softened
1 minced green onion
2 teaspoons minced pickled jalapeño peppers
1 egg white, slightly beaten
Vegetable oil for frying
Duck sauce (also called plum sauce)

Spread out the wanton wrappers. Place small bowl containing beaten egg white near wrappers. Combine crabmeat, cream cheese, onion and jalapeño peppers, mixing until ingredients bind together. Brush a wonton with egg white (this is to help sealing the wonton wrappers into little purses a little easier) and fill with crab mixture. Immediately fold wonton, sealing the edges. The traditional folding method makes the wontons look like little purses, but you can fold the wontons into any shape you like. Fill all of the wantons.

Check to make sure you have sealed purses completely so they will not come apart in the fryer. Heat your deep fryer to 350 degrees. Any hotter and the wonton wrappers will burn and the insides will not get cooked. Any lower and your rangoons will come out soggy. Place the rangoons into the basket of the deep fryer and dip in for approximately three minutes apiece or until the outsides are golden brown. Remove from fryer and cool. Serve warm with plum sauce for dipping.

You can also pan fry crab rangoons. Instead of using a deep fryer, use a deep pot or deep skillet and fill the bottom inch of the pan with oil. Fry the rangoons in the oil, turning once.

For an easier crab rangoon, try baking the rangoons open faced in the oven. These may not be quite as tasty because the oil adds a great deal of flavor, but they are simple and healthy.

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